Senior School

Music is a highly valued and extensive part of the PLC Sydney Senior school and our performance programs allow students to develop creativity and confidence while performing to a high level. 


Classroom music in the Senior School is offered from Years 7 -12. It is our aim that students will develop creativity and confidence in performance to a high level. Whilst learning these skills they will also gain the ability to deeply understand the music they are performing, composing or analysing. 

At PLC Sydney a Composer in Residence program exists whereby a visiting musician and composer is invited in during the year to work with students across the school. This composer works with all classes during the year.

  • Year 7: Year 7 students are allocated into specific classes based on their previous musical experiences. In these classes students will be able to draw upon their existing knowledge and skills to enhance their musical understanding.
  • Years 9 and 10: Elective Music is on offer for girls’ in Years 9 and 10. The course is topic based.  Students study set topics as a class and skills in composition, theory and performance are developed. The study of music technology and performance composition in collaboration with the Drama department is explored.  
  • Years 11 and 12: Music 1 and Music 2 courses are offered in Year 11 with the addition of Extension Music in Year 12. Students in these years have the opportunity to work individually on composition with a specialist composer, whilst developing their skills in one or more of the chosen electives of composition, performance or musicology. 

For more information on Classroom Music, please contact:

Mrs Casey Allen
Head of Classroom Music PK - 12
Coordinator of Choirs
T: (+612) 9704 5765

co-curricular music

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