You'll feel like you're a part of a close knit family of sisters.

...we are small by design

We are a boutique boarding school. With only 58 boarders in our House, your daughter will feel like she’s part of a close knit family of sisters.

As a boutique boarding environment, all girls have a connection with everyone in the House, which is a very special feature of boarding at PLC Sydney. There is always someone to talk to or spend time with. With girls from overseas and regional NSW, there’s a real blend of cultural diversity and country friendliness. There really is a strong family atmosphere in the house, where the girls genuinely care about each other.

...your daughter will feel like she’s part of a close knit family of sisters.

Our Staff

The boarding staff are warm and caring, professional women who bring a range of skills and experience to the community and are well trained in boarding practises. We are privileged to be able to provide both academic and undergraduate staff. 

They not only look after the girl's wellbeing, but also support the girl's academic progress, assisting with the oversight of homework and study times. They provide support and encouragement to students as they manage the ups and downs of their school life. There is always someone available to help students with their academic pursuits, goal setting and general discussions.


The Boarding House is situated in the heart of the College. You enter the Boarding House through a large arched doorway and walk up the grand staircase, where our Senior staff are there to greet you. The House covers one level of the main school ‘heritage’ building and the 3 wings wrap around a central courtyard. 

Year 12 Boarders

The Mackenzie Wing is dedicated to our Year 12 boarders, who live in single rooms. They enjoy their own lounge area with a kitchenette to socialise and relax within, which also assists them as they learn to live independently.  

Year 7 to 11 Boarders

Boarders in Year 7 to 11 live in 2 wings, Mance and Taylor. The girls share bedrooms in year specific groups, with our Year 11 students providing Big Sister support to the junior students. Each semester the girls move rooms and change roommates which allows them to build relationships with everyone across the year group.


The senior students choose their roommates in 2nd semester, while all Year 7 to 10 room allocations are arranged by the Director of Boarding. Sharing a bedroom is a large part of the boarding experience. Friendships are forged with their roommates over nightly conversations and sharing of ideas, hopes and dreams.

Lounge and Social Gatherings

The uniqueness of our Boarding community is found in the common social gathering locations. Girls of all years can watch movies, play games, hang out, do exercise, including using stationary bikes and cross trainers together. In the lounge areas the girls gather across year groups just like a normal family would. Our Lounge areas are primarily a place to relax and unwind.