A unique learning environment where girls feel comfortable and are encouraged to develop their own unique talents and interests.

The Transition Program

...a unique learning environment.…

PLC Sydney is renowned for its dedicated special education integration program that helps develop the academic, independent living and social skills of Year 7 to 12 girls with mild or moderate intellectual disabilities. 

The goal with our Transition girls is the same as with all our students: to support them to be the best they can be, and to give them choice and independence when they leave school.

The Transition Program has been running since 1994 and caters for a small cohort of students, aged 12-18. The wonderful support and dedication of the staff is the major key to the program’s success.

Targeted skills are taught in context, and there are many structured opportunities for the girls to practise social and independent living skills at events within and beyond the PLC Sydney community.  Students participate in social lunches, camps, sporting events and the Live-in Program for the Senior girls. The transition run, Transition Eats, and the Transition Spectacular are two of the most popular, well attended and supported events on our annual calendar, with the whole school supporting and cheering on our fabulous transition performers. 

Education plans and programs are individualised so that the girls can achieve their goals, especially in the areas of community living, personal management and social integration. Although individual subjects are timetabled, most teaching is done across the curriculum, with opportunity for mainstreaming available where beneficial for academic and personal development. Specialist staff are also involved in subjects such as Visual Art, Drama, Music, Languages, Science and PE. 

In addition, students may receive individual or small group tuition, peer support, and off-site training for work experience and independent travel.

And in the final year of schooling, staff support students and families as they explore post-school options, organising meetings with various agencies, complete referral forms, and provide travel training and orientation programs to new environments.

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To find our more about PLC Sydney's Transition Program, please contact:

Mrs Anna O'Brien
Transition Program Co-ordinator
T: +612 9704 5690
E: aobrien@plc.nsw.edu.au