Imagine marching down the streets of Sydney to a thunderous applause...our Pipes and Drums often play at annual festivals and parades.

...let your creativity shine

PLC Sydney has an active and vibrant Performing Arts program.

The College is renowned for its strong background in drama, music, public speaking and debating. And we have recently added Dance to that impressive list.

We provide our students with countless opportunities to develop their creative skills through an extensive range of co-curricular programs and performance opportunities. 

The Arts develop the interior selves of our students. They are a chance to ask: Why are we here? They also allow for wonderful person expression.

There are so many opportunities for students to shine, showcasing their skills and talent.

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Senior Music

Music fills our grounds and corridors before, during and after school. It is part of the very fabric of life at PLC Sydney. Students at PLC Sydney are passionate about music and all our musicians, no matter what their ability level, have numerous opportunities for participation and performance.

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In our 538-seat theatre, young thespians might be rehearsing Shakespeare, performing a new Australian play, kicking up their heels in a big Broadway musical or flexing their creative muscle to compete in improv events such as the Carlton and Inner West Cups, All Girls Shield and Impro Australia, against some of Australia’s rising young stars.

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Dance teaches you more than how to plié and pirouette, it improves your flexibility, strength, but also helps build discipline and self-confidence. Our inclusive Dance program provides an opportunity for all students to develop their skills and engage with dance as an art form, regardless of ability and experience.

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Pipes and Drums, unique to PLC Sydney...


For more information about PLC Sydney's Performing Arts Program, please contact:

Mr Phil Harper

Director of Performing Arts
T: +612 9704 5716