Connecting ex-students around the world and across the decades.

...friendships and memories for a lifetime

The friendships forged and memorable experiences you have at school will last a lifetime. That is the gift of a PLC Sydney education. A shared common experience unlike any other in your life.

As an ex-student, you bring our College values to life in all of the ways you contribute to the world. As a community, we honour our school traditions and support lasting friendships that connect ‘PLC Sydney girls’ across the country and around the world.

By staying connected, you will not only receive the latest news and invitations for school events, but also gain easy access to networking opportunities as well as being able to reminisce and stay in touch with old friends!

PLC Sydney will always be your school and our community will be stronger with your participation and support.

Hear from our Ex-Student President

Our extensive ex-student network represents an impressive range of experience, backgrounds and professional pursuits. We value the contribution and connection of every ex-student. The following links will direct you to information about the executive, events and reunions.

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Ex-Student Events

Find out about upcoming ex-student and College events, including reunions, Open Day and Jersey Day!

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Ex-Student News and Stories

Ex-students are leading lives of purpose as educators, scientists, athletes, lawyers, volunteers, artists, doctors, philanthropists, mothers, business owners, community leaders and much more.

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The Ex-Students’ Committee

The representative body for all ex-students, the Committee is a volunteer group of ex-students representing almost every decade of the College's history.

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Mentor Program

Our Mentoring Program provides our younger students with a unique opportunity to connect with you, our ex-students, to inspire, share and learn from your life and career experiences.

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Stay Connected

To receive invitations, latest news and annual publications from PLC Sydney, keep us informed of your contact details.

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Business Connect

Connect your business with the PLC Sydney community. Business Connect is our publicly available list of businesses and organisations that are owned or managed by ex-students, current students or parents.

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Ex-Student Enquiries

The Ex-Students’ Office connects ex-students around the world and across the decades to each other and to the College. For all enquiries, please contact our Director of Alumni Relations. 

Philippa Zingales (Harris, 1998)
Director of Alumni Relations
T: 02 9704 5635