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Welcome to our online Application for Enrolment.

Before completing the Application Form please read and make sure you have understood our Enrolment Documents below: Enrolment Policy and Conditions of Enrolment.

Applications for enrolment should be made using the Online Application for Enrolment Form below.

Before completing the Application Form, it is important you read and understand the College's Enrolment Policy and Conditions of Enrolment below on this page.

If you are a full fee paying overseas student who is a non-Australian Resident or a student who have been studying overseas in a non-English speaking country, refer to our International Students section, specifically the English Competency requirements (AEAS test report) that must be submitted along with your application. 

You will be required to upload some or all the following supporting documentation with your application:

  • Birth certificate
  • Citizenship or Residency documents
  • AEAS test results

Please note there is a non refundable application fee of $440 payable in this process. 

Once your Application for has been processed, we will confirm in writing that your daughter is registered for the year requested. Completing this online application is not a guarantee of admission to the College.  

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Enrolment Documents