Learn a new skill, or discover and develop talents and interests they never knew existed.

Outstanding Co-Curricular

PLC Sydney's Co-curricular Program is one of the broadest and deepest programs of any school, with an extensive and engaging range of artistic, cultural, sporting activities and clubs. 

At PLC Sydney we have an outstanding Co-curricular Program. As well as catering to individual needs and interests, co-curricular activities support our girl’s academic, social, emotional and physical wellbeing. 

Girls can learn a new skill, or discover and develop talents and interests they never knew existed. It helps them develop initiative, fosters teamwork, promotes leadership skills and builds confidence.  It also gives them the opportunity to form new friendships outside their peer group—and most importantly, they are fun! 

No matter what you love doing, PLC Sydney’s Co-curricular Program has something for you! 

Senior Co-Curricular Programs

Performing Arts

PLC Sydney has a vibrant and active Music and Performing Arts program. The College is renowned for its strong background in drama, music, public speaking and debating. And we have recently added Dance to that impressive list.

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Public Speaking and Debating

Every girl is a public speaker at PLC Sydney. Whether you’re outgoing or softly spoken, our public speaking program will give you the tools to boost your confidence, to voice your opinions and influence others.

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Sport is an important and popular part of school life. PLC Sydney having a proud sporting history, with many students that play at State, National and International levels. We strive to encourage all our girls to participate and enjoy sporting activities, both in team or individual sports, whether for competition, fitness or just for fun and social recreation.

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Duke of Edinburgh Awards

The Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award is the most demanding of all levels of the Awards Scheme. It's rewarding, but be prepared to challenge yourself!

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PLC Sydney offers a wide range of clubs that fall under Art and Design, Chaplaincy, English and Literature, STEM and many more.

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Service Learning

Service Learning give every student an opportunity to make a difference in communities locally, nationally and all over the world. It is integral to the Christian faith of our College and an important contributor to our girls well being.

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Not a moment of the day is wasted at PLC Sydney. 

Over 28 clubs meet each week, ranging from Art and Design to Science Enrichment, from Writing and Publications to Pipes and Drums, from Leaders Future Problem Solving to Rhythmic Gymnastics. There really is a club for everyone. We are a busy school and all girls are encouraged to get involved in whatever co-curricular activity interests and excites them.  The only challenge is trying to work out how to fit them all in!

Co-curricular activities run before school, at lunchtime and after school every day. The huge range of activities and clubs on offer at PLC Sydney add to the rich range of experiences for our girls. Excursion, incursions, workshops and service learning opportunities, add another dimension to the co-curricular program, as girls develop the adaptability to confidently face and respond to new challenges in their own lives through these experiences.

Clubs on offer:

  • Archimedes Club
  • Art and Design Club
  • Art Masterclass
  • Chinese Club
  • Chinese Debating Club
  • Classics Book Club
  • Classical Literature Enrichment
  • College Crow
  • ELLE
  • Fuel
  • Fuel 912 Leaders
  • Future Problem Solving
  • Informatics Olympiad
  • Juvenilia Project
  • Macindoe Book Club
  • Makerspace
  • Olympiad Training Biology
  • Olympiad Training Chemistry
  • Olympiad Training Physics
  • SEED
  • Science Enrichment Club
  • Science Festival Committee
  • The Countess of Jersey Society
  • The Leonardo Club
  • Titration Club
  • TOM

When girls reaches Year 9, they are eligible to join the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. A self-development program for all young people, the 'Duke of Ed' encourages goal-setting and achievement at a level appropriate for each individual.

There are three award levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Within each level, students must select and undertake activities that fit the purpose of each of all the four sections of the award i.e Adventurous Journey, Skill, Service and Physical Recreation.

Students are responsible for organising the Skill, Service and Physical Recreation components of their Award.

The award is fun, the activities you chose reflect your interests and passions, so enjoy the challenge! And the award is highly regarded by many universities and employers.

No matter what you love doing, PLC Sydney’s Co-curricular Program has something for you!


For more information about PLC Sydney's outstanding Co-curricular Program, please contact:

Ms Jenny Clarke

Director of Co-curricular Programs
T: +612 9704 5607
E: jclarke@plc.nsw.edu.au

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