Music fills our corridors before, during and after school. It is part of the fabric of life at PLC Sydney.

PLC Sydney is renowned for its music program, which begins in the Junior School.

Each year group learns something new and exciting. Girls explore the voice, violin, ukulele, band and string instruments. with our Pre-Ks introduced to percussion and Kindergarten—Year 1 learning the violin. In Year 2 there is a strong emphasis on singing with the group coming together in our beautiful Year 2 Choir.

Our Year 3 students sing and play the ukulele, as they start to build their ensemble playing skills ready for the introduction of our Band Program in Years 4 and 5 utilising specialised tutors.

Year 5 consolidates ensemble playing and skill development in the Band Program, while our Year 6 students learn how to dance. Drama and music combine in the Performing Arts,  culminating in a wonderful end of year performance and celebration—the Year 6 Musical.  

Classroom Music is taught by highly trained specialists and making music is at the forefront of all our lessons.

Mrs Casey Allen, Head of Classroom Music PK - 12

The fun and intensive nature of the classroom and instrumental programs have led to a vibrant and busy Junior School Co-curricular Program.

There are of course loads of additional co-curricular music opportunities available to our junior students such as choirs, ensembles, bands and orchestras, supported by an excellent private tuition program. 

All groups have the opportunities to perform in school assemblies, for the community at festivals and in competitions.

Our Junior School Co-curricular Program includes groups such as:
  • Junior Bells
  • Orchestra
  • Pipes and Drums
  • Concert Band
  • Jazz Ensemble
  • Cantabile
  • PLC Sydney Voices
  • Evandale Ensemble
  • Strings
  • Hamilton Strings