...choosing the right school ...

Choosing the right school for your daughter is an important decision.

We recognise that a PLC Sydney education is a substantial investment and therefore we thank you for considering enrolling your daughter at our College. 

​What are the fees?

Fees are subject to annual review so that the College maintains the highest quality of education and to ensure that our excellent facilities are maintained and improved. 

The Chair of Council informs the community of the next year's fee schedule in either November or December each year.

View and/or download a full schedule of fees and payment information below. 

College Fees

Application fee

All Enrolment Fees are non refundable and are not credited towards tuition fees. The Application Fee is to accompany the Application for Enrolment. The Enrolment Fee is payable after the student has been interviewed and the place is confirmed.

Year Group Application Fee Enrolment Fee
PLC Sydney Preschool Currently no application fee $750
Pre-Kindergarten $440 $1,700
Pre-Kindergarten or Kindergarten (transferring from PLC Sydney Preschools) $440 $950
Kindergarten and above $440 $3,175

Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12 Enrolment Fees include a $200 Ex-Students’ Membership Fee.

*NOTE: Students who progress from PLC Sydney Preschools to Pre-Kindergarten or Kindergarten at PLC Sydney, will pay an additional $950 when selecting this option.

Enrolment fee

A one-off enrolment fee of $3,175 is payable to confirm acceptance of each offered day or boarding place. This fee is non-refundable.

Acceptance fees

To accept and confirm an offered place, we require full payment of the enrolment fee, plus the term fees, and boarding fees if applicable, for the school term in which the student will join the College. These fees are non-refundable

Year Group Per term by due date Per annum by due date
Pre-Kindergarten - 3 days a week $3,680 $14,720
Pre-Kindergarten - 5 days a week $6,120 $24,480
Kindergarten to Year 2 $5,340 $21,360
Years 3 and 4 $6,700 $26,800
Years 5 and 6 $7,020 $28,080
Year 7 $8,620 $34,480
Years 8 to 10 $9,060 $36,240
Year 11 $9,360 $37,440
Year 12 (paid over three terms) $12,480 $37,440

Boarding Fees

Boarding fees are in addition to all other fees and are inclusive of GST.

It is suggested that Boarders hold a bank account for incidental expenses which can be accessed through a local ATM.

For Year 12,  Boarding places are offered on the understanding that the fee is an annual one and there is a commitment to pay the whole year’s fee. For all other years, to withdraw a student from the Boarding House, a school term’s notice in writing or one term’s fees in lieu are required. If a boarding student wishes to apply to become a day student, or vice versa, a Change of Status Form must be submitted by her parents.

Year Groups Per term Per annum
Years 7 to 11 $7,820 $31,280
Year 12 (paid over three terms) $10,427 $31,280
Activity fee - all years - $550

Presbyterian Ladies’ College, Sydney is registered by the NSW Board of Studies to accept overseas students (CRICOS Provider Code: 02280D). The Australian Government classifies an overseas student who is neither an Australian citizen nor one who holds an Australian Residency Visa and who attends an Australian school, as an ‘Full Fee Paying Overseas Student’. The school does not receive government subsidies for such overseas students and as such these students must pay full fees.

Year Group Per annum
Pre-Kindergarten to Year 2 $26,150
Years 3 and 4 $32,620
Years 5 and 6 $33,860
Year 7 $41,330
Years 8 to 10 $43,580
Year 11 and 12 $44,070

Overseas full fee paying students are also required to take out Overseas Student Health Cover prior to a Student Visa being granted.

Faculty Fees

Additional fees may be charged by teaching faculties to meet costs of materials supplied to students and for overnight camps.

Annual Technology Fee

Kindergarten to Year 12: $620

This includes classroom and research software and hardware expenses, school internet access, webmail and community access to the PLC Sydney site and is charged with the Term 1 account.

Annual Excursion Fee

  • Pre-Kindergarten: $155
  • Kindergarten to Year 12: $310

This fee covers excursion costs other than overnight excursions. It is formed by averaging out these excursion expenses over the junior/senior years. It also includes payment for in-house seminars by visiting presenters and is charged with the Term 1 account.

Parents and Friends’ Association

Subscriptions to the Parents and Friends’ Association (P&F) are optional and encouraged.

Tax Deductible Donations 

It is hoped that all families will support the ongoing development of the College through the contribution of tax-deductible donations to the Building Trust and Scholarship trust. These contributions are especially appreciated and essential for the future of the College. Suggested amount is $300 per semester.

Payment of Fees

Families receive an invoice each term detailing new charges, statements are sent monthly detailing overdue amounts.

Payment of Fees are made though Edstart. our technology and financial services platform.

Edstart provides flexible payment options to parents and can also be used for any PLC Sydney education-related expenses such as Tuition Fees, Uniforms, Laptops and technology items, Textbooks and stationery, Boarding expenses, Private tutoring, School trips and excursions and Extra-curricular activities.

To find out more about Edstart, visit https://edstart.com.au/plcsydney

When are Fees Paid?

Fees are to be paid when due, either:

● Termly – due in full by the first day of each term; or

● By Instalment – by automated direct debit in monthly or fortnightly instalments.

To pay by instalment please register here at http://plc.sydney/dd

A Late Payment Administration Fee is charged at 0.5% for each month an invoice is overdue. This amount reflects the administrative and financial costs of collecting outstanding amounts. A student will not be able to commence a new term whilst fees remain outstanding.

For the exact dates of payments, please check the College Fees pdf attached above.

Four accounts for fees are rendered during the year for Pre-Kindergarten to Year 11 and three accounts for Year 12.

Accounts will be sent before the commencement of each term and are due for payment by the first week of that term. Fee accounts may also be accessed via the parent portal.

A student will not be able to commence a new term whilst fees from the previous term remain outstanding.

A reduction of 10% (per annum) is made for sisters attending the College. A 35% reduction is made for the fourth or subsequent child. This reduction applies when all are in attendance as full fee-paying students at the same time and will be applied automatically.

Payment of Fees

Fees are payable as per the Conditions of Enrolment. No receipts are issued unless specifically requested. Please note that Year 12 Spring Semester fees MUST be paid by Week 1 of Term 3.

Tuition and Boarding Fees may be paid by credit card or online payment. Please contact the College Bursar regarding any queries related to fees (+612) 9704 5666.

Fees not paid by the due date may be subject to legal proceedings.

Tuition Fees in Advance Scheme

Parents may make provision for their daughter’s fees to be secured at an indexed fee rate. Please contact the Bursar’s Officer for further information of this scheme at:

Petra Naglitsch Accountant
T: +61 2 9704 5668 E: pnaglitsch@plc.nsw.edu.au

NOTE: Fees are subject to alteration. Receipts will be issued for all non-electronic fee payments on request

Withdrawal or Transfer of a Student

The withdrawal of a student requires at least one full school term’s notice in writing to the Principal, otherwise one term of the annual tuition fee in lieu of notice will be payable. As part of the Board of Studies’ requirements it is now compulsory to advise the College, in the notice of withdrawal, the name of the school to which the student is being transferred. The transfer of a student from Boarding to Day Girl or vice versa status requires one full school term’s notice by submitting a Change of Status Form to the Principal

Extension of Fee Payments

PLC Sydney has partnered with Edstart to provide additional payment options for school fees. Edstart is a specialist education payments provider specifically designed to manage all education-related expenses in one place. You may package any education-related expenses including tuition fees, uniforms, textbooks and extra-curricular activities, which can then be paid for up to five years after a child has completed her studies. You can choose weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments on any date in line with your income.

Business owners can also choose payment structures in line with your seasonal cash flow. This is an optional service, acceptance is subject to approval and fees which will be made clear throughout the process.

Applications can be made here at https://edstart.com.au/plcsydney