You’ll make friends for life. Nothing bonds students together like a shared experience, be that the swimming carnival or just hanging out together in the House after school. The wonderful spirit in our Boarding House is always in full view.

Why boarding is great!

...make lifelong friends

Are you thinking about going to boarding school? How does that make you feel? Nervous? Excited? Here’s 3 reasons why we think Boarding at PLC Sydney is so great!

For some international and rural families, sending their daughter to Boarding School is a necessity. Other families choose to send their daughters to Boarding School because they believe living on-campus offers unique experiences that they are unable to gain at home. We agree. Although moving away from home for the first time can seem like a big step at first, many girls get really excited about the prospect of living in a Boarding House full of new friends.

Here are just a few of the great things about Boarding at PLC Sydney. You'll enjoy the best in academics, co-curricular activities, be that sport, performing or visual arts, and friendships – it is a great place to grow up!

We ensure our boarders have every opportunity to fulfil their potential.

Ms Pauline Turner, Director of Boarding
Staff at PLC Sydney were so impressed with Bronte’s cake making business, they installed an oven in the Boarding House to ensure the Year 11 Boarder could continue baking.

Be responsible for yourself: Unique opportunities that build self esteem

One of the unique opportunities available to PLC Sydney Senior Boarding students is the opportunity to do ‘paid’ work within the College. Depending on their skill set, a Boarder can apply for a casual job at a number of College facilities. A few of the facilities that Boarders enjoy the experience of working with are, the Aquatic Centre, the Futures Centre and the Early Birds program. The students are able to earn good money and build their financial literacy. The positive benefits and self esteem gained as a result of this program are significant.

All the girls are supported academically with their studies which was important to us.

Wayne Cox, Boarding Parent
Our teachers are innovative, dedicated, caring professionals who apply the best of theory and practice to provide highly effective learning outcomes for all our students.

You'll take part in exciting lessons: Creating great study habits

You’ll be learning in ways you never thought possible, with purpose built facilities for everything from Art, Design and Technology, to Science and Sporting Centres. Our teachers are innovative, dedicated, caring professionals who apply the best of theory and practice to provide highly effective learning outcomes for all our students.

An important part of a student's education is learning great study habits. By utilising specifically allocated study times and appropriate bedtimes for age groups, our girls are able to make the most of their education. In addition, our Boarders learn to manage their technology time, creating a balance between study and play to maximise their academic and wellbeing outcomes. These skills developed in boarding, carry them through for their tertiary studies and later life.

Students have different academic abilities, strengths, and attitudes to learning and all of these are fostered by our staff.

The educational progress of our boarders is monitored by our academic supervisors who work with teachers, Heads of Year and the Director of Boarding to ensure good outcomes for each student.

There are two opportunities for Years 7-11 to engage in supervised prep time Monday - Thursday in the Macindoe Research Center, both before-dinner (voluntary) and the after-dinner compulsory prep session. Outside of prep, students are encouraged to put aside time on weekends to stay ahead of their workload.

Academic Support staff are available for any student requesting a private session if they require additional assistance. Our boarding students also have access to tutors from the Extension Centre, for specialised help in selected subjects, if needed. The Year 12 boarding students have a dedicated Mentor to assist each girl through their HSC year.

We've been blown away by the opportunities available at the school.

Nadine Runciman, Boarding parent
With the exceptional support of the Boarding House staff,.Phoebe juggles her commitments, both outside of school with her hockey and her studies.

Discover new talents: Endless Co-curricular Opportunities

Boarding is an opportunity to grow and be challenged. The girls who gain the most from the boarding experience are those who participate fully in the life of the College – both at school, in the boarding community and through the wide range of sporting, artistic, academic and social activities on offer. There are plenty of exciting new experiences to be discovered.

We'll be excited to see if you were born to be a violinist, sing in a choir, express yourself through paint or textiles, or maybe become an entrepreneur and start a new business. At PLC Sydney you're teachers will encourage you to explore your passions, and best of all, you’ll always have a group of friends to play, perform or work with!

Do you love sport? Or maybe you're into the arts - music, dance, drama or visual arts ... there's something for everyone at PLC Sydney.

All Boarders are encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities and team sports. Living within the heart of the campus, boarders are ideally placed to attend early morning and afterschool practices, rehearsals and matches. Co-curricular provides an ideal space for skills development, such as time management, communication, organisation and social engagement.

PLC Sydney has great facilities. You could join the Swim Club, or play Water Volleyball at the JD Oates Aquatic Centre, or perhaps gymnastics or tennis is your thing. We have great facilities that cater to all sports. Or imagine being able to walk into a room full of instruments or performing on stage at the Audrey Keown Theatre.