Got your sights on Julliard, Broadway or the Australian ballet? Or just love to express yourself artistically and physically? Why not join PLC Sydney's Dance program?

...building a love of dance

People dance for lots of different reasons. For me I like being part of a team. I dance because I enjoy it, for fitness and as a means of expressing myself.

Isabella, Year 9.

Our inclusive Dance program provides an opportunity for all students to develop their skills and engage with dance as an art form, regardless of ability and experience. 

Students interested in Dance can become involved through either curriculum Dance or by joining our co-curricular Junior and Senior Dance troupes, where the primary focus is to building a love of dance through skill development, performance skills and productions. Incorporate a range of styles, from Jazz to contemporary, the troupes caters for all ability levels.


For more information about PLC Sydney's outstanding Co-curricular Program, please contact:

Ms Jenny Clarke

Director of Co-curricular Programs
T: +612 9704 5683

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