Junior School

Music is a highly valued and extensive part of the PLC Sydney Junior School. 


Our staff are highly skilled in providing imaginative and creative lessons. Lessons are taught using Orff / Kodaly principles together with a very “hands – on” approach to Music making. It is our aim that students learn about music through experiencing it. To achieve this, each year level has a specific instrumental focus. 

  • Pre- Kindergarten: Singing and movement activities
  • K – 2: All students learn a string instrument, singing and reading music
  • Year 3: Activities focus on creativity, including activities on the recorder and singing
  • Year 4: Composition and creativity are explored in lessons. Girls learn about tone colour (instrumental sounds) and how to create music representing specific sounds or to accompany stories
  • Year 5: Instruments of the Concert Band are taught to all Year 5 students. Specialised tutors are brought in during term 1 to help girls make a start on their chosen instrument
  • Year 6: All Year 6 girls have structured lessons and activities in either band, vocal, mallet percussion, dance, or as one large ensemble combining all options. Lessons are based on unit topics with a Class Musical held at the end of the year

Co-curricular music 

All girls are given opportunities to join an ensemble in either strings, choirs or bands when they have acquired a satisfactory standard. 

Several smaller ensembles also exist for keen students. All groups have opportunities to perform in school assemblies, for the PLC community, in festivals and in competitions.

Girls are chosen from within Co-curricular ensembles for extension in Chamber music groups.

An Infants Christmas Concert is produced in Term 4, together with a Year 6 production at the end of the year.

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