Students interested in Dance can become involved through curriculum Dance or by participation in co-curricular activities i.e.

  • Junior Dance Troupe
  • Senior Dance Troupe

Co-Curricular dance, which is new to PLC Sydney in 2019, offers students a chance to participate in healthy physical activity. It differs from Curriculum dance as its focus is on skill development, rather than dance analysis and composition.  Its primary focus is to build a love of dance.

Dance classes incorporate the following areas: 

  • Skill development 
  • Performance skills  
  • Production

Both the Junior and Senior Dance Troupes are capped at 20 students and require a year long commitment.

In 2019 the troupes will be working towards a couple of key performances at the:

  • Wakakirri Performing Arts Challenge
  • PLC Sydney Tattoo

Registration for the 2019 troupes will be via PLACES. Parents and students will be notified when registrations open via Notices, in Week 1 of Term 1 2019. 


If you would like to find out any further information about Dance at PLC Sydney, please contact:

Ms Jodi McCarthy
Performing Arts Administrator
McKeith Arts Centre

(+612) 9704 5651