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Performing Arts

PLC Sydney has a vibrant and active Music and Performing Arts community. With a dedicated state-of-the-art performing arts venue, the McKeith Performing Arts Centre houses the Audrey Keown Theatre.

Students can become involved in the following co-curricular Performing Arts activities:


Junior Dance Troupe ⌵

Senior Dance Troupe ⌵



Drama Company Production ⌵

Junior Drama Club ⌵

PLC Sydney Musical ⌵

PLC Sydney Play ⌵

Production Club ⌵

Senior Drama Club ⌵

Theatresports Club ⌵



Baroque Ensemble ⌵

Big Band ⌵

Chamber Choir ⌵

Chamber Music ⌵

Chamber Strings ⌵

Chapel Band ⌵

College Choir ⌵

Concert Band ⌵

Madrigal Group ⌵

Middle Years Orchestra ⌵

Percussion Ensemble ⌵

Pipes and Drums ⌵

Private Music Tuition ⌵

Sax Ensemble ⌵

Senior Bells ⌵

Senior Chamber Orchestra ⌵

Stage Band ⌵

Symphony Orchestra ⌵

Vocal Synergy ⌵

Wind Ensemble ⌵

places-icon Our PLC Sydney community can find out more information via the co-curricular microsite in PLACES.