“My exchange to England provided an incredible opportunity for personal growth, facilitated by the wealth of new experiences I gained.” 

PLC Sydney has formal exchange partnerships with three schools in England:

Ripley St Thomas Academy

Year 10 students spend four (4) to six (6) weeks immersed in English culture, attending school and participating in family activities. Students also have the opportunity to travel to surrounding areas, taking in sites of historical and cultural importance. 

'Established in 1864, Ripley has a long tradition of academic excellence, with the School placed in the top 5% of secondary schools nationally and featuring in the Department of Education list of ‘Outstanding Schools’.' 

Badminton School 

'Year 10 students spend five (5) weeks at one of the UK’s top girls’ schools. PLC Sydney students attend boarding school through the week and participate in family activities with host families at weekends.'

King William's College

'Year 10 students spend four (4) to six (6) weeks at a co-educational school at Castletown, set on the Isle of Man, across the Irish Sea, close to the United Kingdom mainland. PLC Sydney students attend boarding school and participate in boarding school planned activities at weekends with their host sisters.'