Years 8 to 11 Chinese language students are able to participate in a 12-day Chinese Tour which is offered every three years. Chinese language is taught at PLC Sydney from Kindergarten to Year 12. This tours offers invaluable opportunity to practise Chinese language and experience the history and culture of China.

Years 8 to 11 students studying Continuers or Heritage Chinese are eligible to attend.

The aims of this tour are to:

  • Enhance communication and language skills.
  • Gain knowledge through cultural experience.
  • Build relationships with Chinese native students.
  • Further relationship with our sister school, Nankai High School.

Students will spend a number of days immersed in Chinese language and culture, attending school and participating in cultural study.

The tour takes in a number of sites including the Palace of Natural Art Reed Flute Cave, ancient rice terraces, a cruise on the Li River, night markets and Ali Mountain.

Students will travel to Guilin, Taipei and Kaoshiung.