Science Summit 2019

PLC Sydney warmly welcomes you to the 2019 PLC Sydney Science Summit. 

Date Saturday 23 February 2019
Time 1.00 - 5.00 pm
The afternoon kicks off with a 1.00 pm meet and greet sausage sizzle outside the AKT (PLC Sydney's Performing Arts Theatre)
Keynote Address
1.30 pm AKT

The keynote address will be delivered by Dr Nial Wheate, Program Director, Undergraduate Pharmacy,
Dr Wheate undertakes research into the design of drug delivery systems and pharmaceutical formulations.

Workshop Sessions Workshops will start at 2.00 pm and repeated again at 3.30 pm 
Afternoon Tea At 3.00 pm, ISEF alumni Angelina Arora, Jade Moxey, Macinley Butson and Oliver Nicholls will be interviewed by Professor Andrew McLachlan outside the insectarium while having afternoon tea.
Session Topics
Speakers and Sessions:
  • Just a cough of your breath: detecting disease using your breath: Dr Noushin Nasiri, Macquarie University School of Engineering    
  • Mars 3D simulations: Associate Professor Craig O'Neill Associate Professor from the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences Macquarie University  
  • The science and jobs involved in creating a KitKat: Ms Nina Cleeve-Edwards from Nestle
  • Desert Island Drugs, what would you take and why presented by the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Professor Andrew McLachlan at the University of Sydney and Pharmacist, Mrs Linda Badewitz-Dodd
  • Searching for Alien Molecules presented by Dr Laura McKemmish, a quantum Chemist and Molecular Physicist from the University of NSW
  • Explore the Science behind the Restoration of Victorian Watercolours with Ms Emma Rouse and Ms Analiese Treacy from the NSW Art Gallery 
  • Code a Tamagotchi: Ms Nicky Ringland from the School of Information Technologies, the University of Sydney 
  • Earth and Environmental Science, the adventure science: A day in the life of a volcanologist presented by Professor Heather Handley from the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Macquarie University 
  • ZUMO robots workshop with a team from the Faculty of Engineering, UTS
  • How can you build a house to survive a tsunami and floods in the third world? Visit the floating houses workshop also presented by the Faculty of Engineering, UTS
  • Illuminating the invisible: studying biological and environmental systems via fluorescence with Veronica Lin, PhD student 
  • Lasers, a modern tool presented by Dr Stephanus Van Heerden, PLC Sydney's Scientist in Residence.


  • There will be two workshop sessions held in the afternoon at 2.00 pm and repeated again at 3.30 pm
  • Each participant is asked to register, in order of preference, for their two preferred sessions
  • Sessions will be allocated on a first in, first served basis
  • If you do not make your first two choices, you will be allocated your next preference

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If you would like further information about PLC Sydney's 2019 Science Summit, please contact:
Ms Fiona Hendriks
Science Faculty
Tel: 9704 5686


Click the link below, select 'Make a Booking', enter the PLC Sydney Code: 49EUL and click 'GO'
Click the link below, select 'Make a Booking', enter the PLC Sydney Code: 49EUL and click 'GO'
Click the link below, select 'Make a Booking', enter the PLC Sydney Code: 49EUL and click 'GO'