2022 ISDA Debating Firsts: Yvonne Zhao, Georgia Macdessi, Kimberley Ta, Alessia Dal Pane, Olivia Low, Sora Beebar, Ameera Parker and Talei Chang.

Achieved PLC Sydney’s top ATAR of 99.85

All-Round Achievers List (ATARs over 99)

Top Achievers in Course - Japanese Extension - 2nd

What contributed to your final year/and or HSC success?

Revising and doing work on a regular basis, even if the teacher didn’t set any homework. This enabled me to be less stressed and feel more prepared when exams came around since I had spread out my workload over a long period of time.

What is the most valuable lesson you learned at PLC Sydney?

That nothing is as impossible as it seems. Even though you may feel scared to try things that are unfamiliar to you, it’s always worth it to take a shot and put yourself out there.


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