Olivia Low, the Lions Youth of the Year, District Final Winner

All-round Achievers List (ATARs over 99)

School Vice-Captain

Congratulations also goes to Olivia, who in 2022 was one of two winners of THE NEXT GENERATION pitching competition, a FUTURE YOU program. As a result, she will be involved in an upcoming FUTURE YOU program where she will interview exceptional people in STEM for a short-form Science series to be released on TikTok in 2023.

What is the most valuable lesson you learned at PLC Sydney?

To have courage. From the opportunities I've been afforded, I have learnt that taking a leap of faith is incredibly rewarding. I feel so grateful to have met so many inspiring teachers and students who have encouraged me to ask questions without fear, to audition for ensembles/cocurriculars and to push myself in all aspects of school. I think this has really helped with developing my sense of self and confidence.

How important was it for you to balance your academic focus with other activities?

Participating in a variety of co-curricular activities was extremely important to me as it served as both a release academic work but also places where I could broaden my worldview and meet new people. My experiences in the school orchestra, sporting teams, debating and public speaking all contributed to the vibrancy of my school life and allowed me to develop new skills as well as make new friends.


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