Jasmin is an accomplished pianists and violinist having sat her Piano Grade 8 and Violin Grade 7 with the Australian Music Examination Board.

All Round Achievers List (ATARs over 99)

School Community Prefect

Jasmin loves music and during her time at PLC Sydney has participated in the following musical groups: Baroque Ensemble, Cantabile, Chamber Choir, Chamber Strings, Chapel Band, College Choir, Concert Band, Madrigal, PLC Voices, Senior Bells, Senior Chamber Orchestra, Senior Symphony Orchestra, and Vocal Synergy.

What is the most valuable lesson you learned at PLC Sydney?

Throughout my time at PLC, I've learned the importance of being driven by curiosity, passion and genuine care. I've realised that life will be more joyous and less stressful if we learn to love all we do because 'perfect love casts out fear' (John 4:18).

Maintaining a solid work ethic. I tried to hold myself accountable with the hopes of going to bed every night knowing I had achieved what I sought that day. Establishing study groups not only helped us hold each other accountable but also deepened my understanding of content through discussions and having to simplify concepts to their nuts and bolts when explaining them to others. I think these groups developed a strong sense of camaraderie within our cohort and fostered a positive environment where we always lifted each other up.

I always treated co-curricular activities as a breath of fresh air amidst intense learning - they helped relieve some anxiety, renew my concentration and rejuvenate me throughout the day. Volunteering encouraged me to look up and out - it's always a rewarding and humbling experience. Looking forward to these activities allowed me to be more conscious, wise and efficient with how I used my remaining time.


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