Talei goes through her paces in prep for the

International Blazer Recipient

School Vice-Captain

Talei has been an active member of the Public Speaking and Debating teams throughout her time at PLC Sydney, participating in Archdale Debating, ASCA Speech Examination, Debating Club, ISDA Debating, Private Speech, Festival of Speech, World International Debating and Public Speaking Competition (WIDPSC), Speakup Club, Rostrum, AIDPSC, Speakfest, Legacy, and the Model United Nations (MUNA).

What contributed to your final year/and or HSC success?

Starting tasks and revision as early as possible helped me implement discipline and structure into my routine. Due to my tendencies to procrastinate and my busy schedule, I really needed to force myself into working. I used the mentality that I deserve to give the HSC my best effort considering how much work and time I have put into my schooling; I owed it to my friends, my family and myself!

International Blazer Recipient

Whilst in Year 10, at the 2020 Australian Individual Debating and Public Speaking Competition (AIDPSC 2020) Talei exceeded expectations achieving 9th overall and outstripping many more experienced competitors. These performances secured her an invitation to join the Australian team at the 2021 World Individual Debating and Public Speaking competition (WIDPSC 2021) where she was ranked 29th in World, having qualified 16th in Impromptu Speaking, 26th in Interpretative Reading and achieving an outstanding 4th in World in After Dinner Speaking.

Meet Talei Chang, PLC Sydney's Vice-Captain

Meet Talei Chang, PLC Sydney's 2022 Vice-Captain. Talei has been a student at our College since Pre-K so she has a huge amount of wisdom to impart to our younger girls. Click here to find out more.


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