Phoebe working with PLC Sydney Sports coach Colin Smith.

Boarders' Captain

Hockey Captain

Phoebe was an active participant in all sports. Her main sports were Hockey and Touch Football where she played in both PLC Sydney's firsts. Her dream is to play hockey for Australia as well as completing a Bachelor of Exercise Physiology,

If you could offer advice or a tip to someone about to do their final year, what would it be?

You can play sports and keep on top of your academic studies, by using your time productively and effectively. Tip: use your extra time to finish homework in between training and school.

What contributed to your final year/and or HSC success?

All of the support from teachers, parents and peers. The reassurance and motivation to keep going has lifted me to continue being resilient and determined throughout my studies and sporting commitments.

Click here to watch a short address from Phoebe, Boarders' Captain for 2022.

Thank you for your wonderful guidance Phoebe, we know all the other boarders loved you.


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