Nominated for ENCORE, Music Performance (Violin) and Composition

What a privilege it was to conduct the Symphony Orchestra when the conductor needed to step out for a moment. It was so special is be applauded for that.

What is the most valuable lesson you learned at PLC Sydney?

That confidence is a skill that can be learned

The importance of being comfortable with yourself

To never compare yourself to others, but only to your past self.

How important was it for you to balance your academic focus with other activities? eg co-curricular activities

Balancing music and schoolwork was a constant concern throughout my high school life, and I’ve successfully kept the two commitments equally contained…at times I would have to choose one over the other, but I’ve never failed to turn up to my rehearsal commitments unless there were issues.

NB Jane's Music 2 Core Composition, Dune Seas, written for Soprano Saxophone, Violin, Cello and Piano was nominated for Encore. This was an outstanding achievement for Jane, who also received a nomination for the performance. Congratulations to the Music team, especially to her classroom teacher Trisha Hamilton and our composer-in-residence, Ella Macens, for their generous guidance from conception to recording.

Please click here to listen and enjoy Jane's wonderful composition.


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