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An introduction to PLC SYDNEY

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PLC Sydney combines its 130 years’ experience with educational best practice to nurture women who are prepared to pursue a better world and a worthier life. The College has a number of publications that showcase, celebrate and inform our parents, students, staff and wider PLC Sydney community.

ANNUAL YEARBOOK - Aurora Australis

Aurora Australis is PLC Sydney's annual yearbook and flagship publication. It celebrates every student and their PLC Sydney experience. This commemorative full-colour showcase publication includes PLC Sydney student and class photos, highlights our co-curricular events, academic achievements, student and school activities, milestones and various other highlights that have occurred during the year. This publication is only available in hard copy and is available at the beginning of Term 2 each year.

BI-Annual Magazine - camphora

Camphora is the new name of our bi-annual magazine, which celebrates the activities and successes of PLC Sydney students and staff. The magazine informs the PLC Sydney community, with more in-depth stories of recent events as well as including an Alumni section that features our ex-students.

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SCHOOL NEWS -Connections

Connections celebrates students and staff successes and achievements and reports on various school activities such as excursions and events. Articles can be accessed by members of our PLC Sydney community anytime via the Connections tile in PLACES.

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PLC Sydney Prospectus

The Prospectus is our full-colour marketing brochure that serves as an introduction to the College. Its primary target audience is prospective families currently considering PLC Sydney for their daughter(s) and aims to inform and encourage enrolment. The Prospectus communicates the PLC Sydney promise. In addition to a message from the Principal, it contains information about the PLC Sydney philosophy, testimonials and student successes.

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From the Principal

'From the Principal' presents a key communication channel for Dr Burgis to communicate with students and their families/guardians. From time to time, we will include letters from Dr Burgis where he shares important information, highlights, guidelines, and news while providing visibility around important issues and topics that affect current PLC Sydney families. 

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strategic plan 

PLC Sydney celebrates 127 years of excellence in educating young womenOur Strategic Plan is a vital element to the immediate and long-term success of the College. It determines the organisational priorities and goals for the future and guides the desired outcomes for every aspect of the College. At the core of the strategic vision is the College’s desire to develop young women of integrity and purpose.

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ANNual report

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More information

For more information on our school publications please contact our Marketing and Communications Department