Giving Day - a huge success!!

Thank you to our entire community who gave so generously to our Scholarships and Bursaries Program during our first Giving Day.

Giving Day 2023 was a HUGE success. We smashed our targets, raising a total of $316,475.00*

The PLC Sydney community is celebrating a tremendous day of fundraising for its first-ever Annual Giving Day that took place on Tuesday 5 September 2023.

More than 470 parents, ex-students, staff, students and friends gave more than $300,000.00 in just 24 hours on this ambitious day.

*$316,475.00 achieved as at 12 noon on Wednesday 6 September.

We were overwhelmed with gratitude to reach not only our initial target of $200,000, but also our bonus target of $300,000!

Our sincere thanks to our entire community who threw their support behind this event, enabling us to achieve this fantastic result. Your donations have helped us realise our goal and will positively impact the lives of future young women.

We also appreciate the philanthropic leadership of those who were our matching donors, allowing us to double every donation made on the day, and our team of volunteers who gave their time in support of Giving Day. We are so grateful for your support.

Students also played a significant role on the day, with more than 1200 students coming together on Drummond Field to spell out a well deserved 'Thank You' to our amazing donors for their generosity.

“The lives of future students will be positively impacted because of the funds raised during Giving Day 2023. This tremendous success is a reflection of the strength of our community and a testament to its commitment to service and the spirit of giving back. Our community recognizes the impact it can create together, that by lending a helping hand, we enrich our own lives while uplifting those around us, which I am incredibly proud and grateful.”

Dr Paul Burgis, Principal, PLC Sydney

The Senior and Junior student leadership group join the volunteers in the Operations Room to celebrate an early milestone achieved.

To find out more about the campaign and view our amazing results, visit

Congratulations PLC Sydney - we did it!