Success at the 2023 NSW Young Scientist Awards

PLC Sydney scooped the pool at last night's STANSW AWARDS, winning 36 individual awards.

PLC Sydney's 2023 Young Scientist Award winners.

The NSW Science Teachers Association (STANSW) celebrated scientific achievement at the Young Scientist Award ceremony, recognising exemplary research and innovation among school students across New South Wales. The event showcased outstanding contributions in diverse fields from Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth and Environmental Science, Technological Innovations and Sponsored Awards.

PLC Sydney demonstrated its scientific prowess by clinching an impressive 37 out of 108 individual awards, securing a remarkable one-third of all prizes. The school's dominance extended across all categories, with students excelling in multiple disciplines.

Jasmine Civardi and Lily Rofail with Dr Van Heerden, one of PLC Sydney's Scientists-in-Residence. Both students won numerous awards at the ceremony on Monday night, with Lily being invited to represent NSW at the national ASTA I³ Awards sponsored by the Australian Science Teachers Association.

The research topics explored by PLC Sydney students exhibited an impressive range, from practical inquiries such as optimising anti-fog solutions for swimming goggles to cutting-edge investigations into the potential use of spinach extract in solar cells.

In recognition of the best projects overall, Elizabeth Ong-Ly received the prestigious Budding Young Scientists Prize for the best K–2 project in NSW, while Amy Dou (Year 6) claimed the Primary Young Scientist Award for the best Years 3–6 project in the state. Lilian Preston earned a Highly Commended award in the Years 7–8 Rowe Science Communication Awards.

The excellence exhibited by PLC Sydney students did not go unnoticed, as eight students were invited to represent NSW at the national ASTA I³ Awards sponsored by the Australian Science Teachers Association. Notably, three of the eight representatives—Amy Dou, Lilian Preston, and Lily Rofail—hail from PLC Sydney.

The success of PLC Sydney at the Young Scientist Award ceremony is attributed to the unwavering support of Science Teachers and Scientists-in-Residence. The diligent, creative and focused efforts of the students played a pivotal role in achieving this remarkable feat. PLC Sydney expresses pride in the collective accomplishments of its scientific community, showcasing the school's commitment to fostering excellence in scientific inquiry and innovation.