Riversdale Dreaming, celebrating the Australian landscape.

Arthur Boyd’s Bundanon Riversdale Education Centre is the source of inspiration for budding landscape artists.

Riversdale Dreaming, an exhibition showcasing Year 11 investigations in and of the Australian landscape, in conjunction with Sanctuary: an exhibition by PLC Sydney 2023 Artist-in-Residence Jody Graham, opened at Adelaide Perry Gallery on Wednesday 24 May.

L-R: Dr Paul Burgis, Miss Jen Gair, Jody Graham, Miss Amelia Rand, Ralph Hobbs, Mis Anna Wang and Miss Lola Birley.

This annual exhibition is the culmination of Year 11 Visual Arts’ studies focussed on the landscape genre and inspired primarily by their experiences working en plein air alongside Jody Graham at a three-day art camp at Arthur Boyd’s Bundanon Riversdale Education Centre on the Shoalhaven River.

Curator Jen Gair welcomed guests to the event and discussed the purpose of the Artist-in-Residence program, highlighting the clear benefits of working alongside a mentor in the form of an accomplished professional artist. She celebrated the notion of ‘possibility’ that is presented through this experience, as students consider what is possible to learn about themselves, about how to approach a significant challenge, practice resilience, meet deadlines, find inspiration and purpose.

Mr Ralph Hobbs, Gallery Manager at Nanda\Hobbs, opens this year's Riversdale Dreaming Exhibition.

The resulting works on display were a testament to the hardwork and dedication of each and every student, which together “are free and expressive but strike a crucial balance with restraint and thoughtfulness of the land in which they sought to capture”.

Guest speaker at the exhibition opening, Mr Ralph Hobbs, Gallery Manager at Nanda\Hobbs, congratulated the girls on the fine works on display and introduced the gallery visitors to key elements of Jody Graham’s art practice. Previously an art educator, Mr Hobbs emphasised the importance for artists of taking risks in their practice, to building creativity and strengthening their visual arts learning.

Year 11 Visual Arts Students Joanne Kim, Isabelle Badger, Anna Wang and Lola Birley described their approaches to capturing the Australian landscape and recounted their experiences on camp. The girls spoke of the immense influence of Jody’s technical instruction had on their practice, and the value that observing a professional artist at work had in resolving their own bodies of work this Term.

On behalf of the College Community, Art & Design Captain Amelia Rand then presented flowers to Mr Hobbs to thank him for his participation at the opening, and to Jody Graham to thank her for her participation as 2023 Artist-in-Residence.

Visitors to the Gallery are invited to cast their vote for their favourite student work, with a People’s Choice award to be presented at the close of the exhibition.