2023 Inaugural Giving Day

Join us in support of tomorrow's women on Tuesday 5 September, as we raise funds for scholarships today.

PLC Sydney has a proud 135-year history of providing educational opportunities and financial assistance to students and families.

On Tuesday 5 September, PLC Sydney is embarking on something new and exciting, a 24 hour Giving Day, where our entire PLC Sydney family, past and present will be asked to support PLC Sydney’s scholarships and bursaries.

For one day only, thanks to the generosity of PLC Sydney’s matching donors, who have already pledged their support, your donation will be DOUBLED. This means that your donation will have twice the impact, as when you donate $50, the Scholarship fund receives $100; $100 becomes $200 and  $500 becomes $1000!  All donations are fully tax deductible.

Scholarship recipients can help raise standards across school programs.

Scholarships are important on so many levels, not only for the opportunity they afford students who may not otherwise have the chance to study at the College, but also scholarship recipients add diversity to the school community, which is another really strong feature of the scholarship program. We want to enable the scholarship recipient to grow in their talents and capacities, but equally we want the recipients to enable and encourage other students to reach their full potential as well. Scholarship recipients can help raise standards across school programs and add to the rich social fabric of a school.

Scholarship recipients like Dr Anastasia Hronis (2009) who was awarded a Music Scholarship in Year 7 and went on went on to pursue careers in both Psychology and Music.

Of her time at PLC Sydney, Anastasia said: 'While I was at PLC I had the opportunity to be a part of a lot of musical ensembles, the orchestras, the choirs. It was a supportive and nurturing environment that allowed me the opportunity to pursue the interests and follow my dreams.'

The PLC Experience was such an incredible experience for me - it really instilled in me, follow your dream, work hard, have a passion and go for it. I still hold those things close to my heart now, and I am very thankful for the experience I had there.


'After school, I pursued a career in Psychology, but also a musical career, which resulted in me performing at the Opera House several times and I went on to perform at Carnegie Hall as a soloist in New York in 2015. That was, possibly, the most amazing experience of my life so far. PLC Sydney played a big part in that, inspiring me and encouraging me to always be dedicated to my studies and musical studies.' Anastasia Hronis (2009).

Anastasia Hronis (2009) performing at Carnegie Hall as a soloist in New York in 2015.

Together, we can give the gift of a PLC Sydney education to more young women well into the future. Young women who will make a difference in their communities and in the wider world.