See how they shine!

Our Transition class continue to lite up our world at PLC Sydney.

The World in Colour , this year’s Transition Visual Arts Exhibition opened on Friday 21 October at Adelaide Perry Gallery. It was a beautiful exhibition that truly reflected the colours of our world, including works such as paintings, collage, sculpture, plaster casts, photographic prints, glazed ceramics and relief prints.

Exhibition Opening: Marianne Lim, Ella Dunphy, Amelia Rand, Art & Design Captain and Mrs Lesley Robinson at the World in Colour.

Students Ella Dunphy and Marianne Lim addressed their classmates, congratulating them on their efforts this year and gratefully acknowledging their teachers’ guidance and support, before declaring the exhibition open. Ella and Marianne spoke with great appreciation of the contribution of their art teacher Mrs Lesley Robinson, and presented her with a thank you gift. Mrs Robinson spoke fondly of her students and admiringly of the talented Learning Enrichment Faculty Staff who accompanied the classes this year.

One of the many colourful works of art on display at this year's Transition Exhibition.

However the girls not only colour our world in the Gallery, but also on stage. The Annual Transition Spectacular is a must attend event for our PLC Sydney community. The joy emanating from the stage is contagious.Beaming lights, backstage chaos, make-up and mics...the lights dim, family, friends and ex-students begin to cheer as our excited performers walk on stage.

As always, the Transition Spectacular delivered a night of laughter, tears and sheer joy. The Transition class never fail to delight their audience with dances, poetry, plays, talks, skits, singing and a range of musical instruments.The audience, who are their greatest fans, went wild at the end of the show. It was truly a night we remember and look forward to each year.

Whether it’s in the classroom, in the Gallery or on the stage in the AKT, the weeks of hard work pay off and the girls all shine in their own unique way. Congratulations!