Meeting the needs of gifted and talented children

When it comes to being gifted, it’s one area that Hollywood gets right, especially around the challenges that individuals face. We see Alan Turing’s character in 'The Imitation Game' struggle to hold conversations with other adults, preferring to focus on his mathematical projects. Then there’s 'Good Will Hunting' and 'Gifted', whose main (gifted) characters often end up frustrated and in confrontational situations because they’re unable to successfully deal with social situations or perceived injustices in what others might perceive as normal or rational means.

Through movies like these, we get a general understanding that life isn’t all smooth sailing for gifted individuals. But for children, the journey is often fraught with even more emotional trauma. Imagine trying to navigate intense feelings of boredom, frustration, exasperation and exultation as a seven-year-old? And as a parent, where do you start to support your child to nurture their gift and give them the best possible tools to succeed?

1. Encourage Them

One of the most important things you can do for your gifted child is to encourage them. Encourage and nurture the gift they have and help them to further develop their skills. With regular praise, they will recognise their strengths which will foster a passion to pursue what interests them. Your job is to give them the tools they need to help them. Whether it is reading books, extra mathematics work or artistic tools – whatever helps them nourish their individual talents.

Without encouragement, your child may start to feel excluded and not understand their gift.

When a child is gifted intellectually, they sometimes suffer in other areas, such as their social skills. This can cause them anxiety and frustration. By helping them to develop and be proud of their gifts, it can help them in all areas of their lives, including opening up and developing their social skills.

2. Focus on Deeper Development

Gifted children often want to be kept busy. They are curious, can ask a lot of questions, and constantly look for things to occupy their mind. However it is important to focus on particular tasks that you believe will help them with their skills and development, rather than just giving them busy work.

Don’t overload them with too many different things to do at once. Focus on deeper development of their gift, rather than trying to get them to do ‘all of the things’.

3. Use Available Resources

There are a number of different resources and services that you can take advantage of to help your gifted child.

Resources such as learning aids, tablets and devices where you can download apps such as DragonBox Algebra 5+, Lightbot – Programming Puzzles, Story Wheel, Monster Physics and many more, can further their knowledge and stimulate their minds. And physical aids such as musical instruments and art supplies can further stimulate them and give them a creative outlet.

These services and resources have been designed by professionals who understand the needs of gifted children and what they require in additional to their normal schooling.

4. Get in touch with the PLC Sydney Futures Centre

The PLC Sydney Extension Centre offers a number of classes for gifted and talented primary school aged children, designed to help develop unique skills and further encourage your gifted child.

Dedicated tutors are carefully selected for their experience and expertise, and. The programs are designed to assist students to thrive, perform to their potential and achieve their personal best.

As each child learns and takes in information differently, different methodologies are used to maintain stimulation and engagement for each student.


Term 1 Programs commence on Saturday 5 February and finish on Saturday 26 March 2022 (8 weeks)*

*Entry requires a psychometric assessment identifying child as gifted.

Classes are made available for Kindergarten/Year 1, Years 2 - 6. These classes are deliberately small, run over the full term, focusing on two topics per term.

If you have seen your child completing activities in a different way to others around them, or you believe that they are gifted, an assessment is a great place to start. Get in touch with the PLC Sydney Futures Extension Centre to arrange a consultation.

You never know, your child may be the next Enigma code cracker, needing just the right support to blossom, grow and succeed.

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