Learning Support and Enrichment

Meeting individual needs and aspirating students to maximise their unique potential in a post pandemic world.

We value all students as individuals and recognise the diversity of our girls. The goal of Learning Enrichment at PLC Sydney is to create a learning environment in which students with a wide range of learning challenges can progress at their own rate, experience success, reach their potential and feel a real sense of belonging in our school community. This belief is at the core of our approach in making provision to best meet the individual needs and aspirations of each student, to maximise their unique potential.

At PLC Sydney, our systems are designed to identify any issues early so that intervention can be targeted towards those who are at risk of not reaching their potential. We have a multi-tiered system of support that ensures all students are given an opportunity to grow and develop as a learner. Every girl presents with a unique learning profile and history.

The first step is learning more about each girl and understanding them through warm relationships, open communication with families, comprehensive assessments and data analysis. Our response is then carefully calibrated, ranging from differentiated support within a classroom through team teaching or small group instruction within or outside of the classroom.  Some of our students have an individualised plan that focuses on specific targets and goals set by each teacher who is liaising with a multidisciplinary team. This may include a psychologist, speech and language therapist and occupational therapist.

In collaboration with all staff, we work together to develop teaching approaches and support structures that nurture and develop the academic, social and emotional aspects of each student's learning. This is facilitated by, consultations with students, parents and teachers to make adjustments that remove barriers to learning so that all students are able to access the curriculum on a similar basis to their peers. This might include providing a reader or writer for an assessment task, using assistive technology to access the curriculum, supporting teachers to plan lessons using the principles of universal design for learning and suggesting alternative ways for content to be delivered. We know that the student’s needs are best met when there is a steady flow of communication with our colleagues and support teams regarding what strategies and approaches are effective.

'We have a team of teachers across K -12 who are committed to providing personalised learning to students who have a neurodiverse background. We work with students who present with ADHD, autism, a Specific Learning Difficulty or perhaps require some targeted support at particular stages of their schooling'.

Ms Catherine Phoon, Director of Learning Enrichment

Learning Enrichment lessons might include focusing on literacy and/or numeracy goals that are set to target gaps in a student’s learning, we use evidenced based techniques and programs. The explicit teaching of executive functioning skills to address organisational, procrastination and time management issues, breaking down tasks and providing additional scaffolding to unpack prescribed texts are all in a day's work for the Learning Enrichment team.

Each morning we usually have a 1:1 check in with a student, this might include setting up a student’s diary for the day and assisting them with organisation and prioritising of tasks. During the day, we are often in the classroom supporting students and working alongside specialist teachers or teaching our own small class with a tailored program focusing on the fundamental skills of literacy or numeracy. Students in the Learning Enrichment classes (called Vivid) work on developing skills in the area of reading comprehension, expressive writing, spelling, punctuation and grammar.

After school you will find us in the Star Cafe which is open for all students who seek further assistance with their learning across the curriculum. For example, a student may need a large assignment to be broken down into small achievable steps or perhaps require some support to get started on a task. During the lead up to exams we plan a study skills session with workshops on note taking, summarising and exam preparation. Some of our students who attend the Star Cafe are regulars whilst others might pop in once a week.

We value each girl as a unique individual, working with their families and support team to ensure that our programs meet their abilities and needs. The Learning Enrichment team is committed to providing opportunities for all students to learn effectively and experience the rewards of achievement in the face of challenge. I hope this has given you some understanding of how the Learning Enrichment Department contributes to the growth and development of many girls at PLC Sydney.

'We feel so privileged to be able to work alongside the girls and support them on their journey, it is a very rewarding experience'.