HSC Design Exhibition 2023

The annual event that showcases the major projects by Year 12 students of Design and Technology (D&T) and Textiles and Design (T&D).

Adelaide Perry Gallery was at full capacity on Wednesday at the opening of the HSC Design Exhibition. Delicious food and excellent catering for the evening came from Year 11 Food Technology students under the guidance of Mrs Cathy Wedd.

Mrs Linda Chiba, Dr Paul Burgis, Miss Satsuki Ota-Jones, Miss Amelia Rand and Mr Geoff Stewart at HSC Design Exhibition 2023

To commence the official proceedings, Art & Design Captain Amelia Rand made an Acknowledgement of Country. Gallery Curator Miss Jen Gair then welcomed the students and guests. Dr Paul Burgis followed with an address to the crowd of students and their family and friends. He spoke about the design process, ideas, problem solving and creativity and the importance of design and designers in the world, commending the girls on their achievements evident in their D&T and T&D Major Projects thus far.

Mrs Maria Nastasi with award winners Billie Ronis, Sienna Haigh, Neave Balazan and Ashleigh Horsburgh

Mr Geoff Stewart, Head of Technological and applied Studies spoke with pride of the girls’ perseverance and tenacity in approaching the challenges of conceiving and creating an HSC Design major project. He congratulated the girls on their works on display before introducing special guest speaker, Ex-student Miss Satsuki Ota-Jones.

Satsuki, who graduated with the class of 2022, and whose Major Textiles Project was selected for exhibition in Texstyle 2023, and nominated for exhibition in Shape 2023, spoke with admiration of the work the current design classes have produced and reflected on her own studies in Textiles & Design at PLC Sydney. She spoke about her Senior studies more broadly, describing a myriad of career paths avenues they have brought forth for her consideration. To thank Satsuki for her participation, Amelia Rand presented a gift on behalf of the College Community.

Catering by Year 11.

Mr Stewart then announced four award winners and the girls were presented their certificates by Mrs Nastasi:

  • Award for Creativity in Design & Technology: Sienna Haigh
  • Award for Dedication in Design and Technology: Neave Balazan
  • Award for Creativity in Textiles & Design: Billie Ronis
  • Award for Dedication in Textiles and Design: Ashleigh Horsburgh

To conclude the evening, students Billie Ronis, Simone Perry and Abby Alleyn spoke about their experiences studying Design to HSC level and warmly thanked their teachers for their guidance and support. Billie and Simone presented a gift to Mrs Nastasi on behalf of Year 12 Textiles & Design, and Abby presented a gift to Mr Stewart on behalf of Year 12 Design and Technology.

HSC Design Exhibition continues 8.30 am – 4.00 pm weekdays until 1 August.