'For all earthkind', in 2069, what will history say about what you did today?

PLC Sydney Chamber Choir recently took part in a significant endeavour aimed at raising awareness around environmental sustainability.

For all earthkind ’, is music led public engagement project written and performed by Sophie Raymond and a community of nearly 400 people coming together in concert to address the preservation of our planet.  The project saw our Chamber Choir collaborating with fellow school choirs, as well as esteemed groups like the Sydney Philharmonia Choir and the Australian Youth Orchestra, alongside various community and children's choirs. Under the expert guidance of Music Director and Conductor, Liz Scott, the piece came to life in a remarkable performance.

400 people came together at Wharf 2/3 Arts Precinct to create a community in concert ‘FOR ALL EARTHKIND’.

The heart of the composition revolves around a poignant reflection where over half a century ago in 1969, we, humanity, saw the Earth from the lunar surface for the very first time as man stepped foot on the moon, yet today, our progress in preserving the planet remains disappointingly limited. The song's chorus serves as a rallying call, urging listeners to take action to safeguard our planet. It asks us to take the next giant leap for earthkind. In 2069, what will history say about what you did today?

Stepping into the illustrious Wharf 2/3 Arts Precinct for the performance, our choir members were immediately struck by the gravity and professionalism of the occasion. Amidst a flurry of cameramen, sound recordists, and exceptionally skilled accompanying musicians, the girls embraced the opportunity to contribute to something truly special.

PLC Sydney's 37 strong contingent that participated in the recording: ‘FOR ALL EARTHKIND’.

Accompanied by Casey Allen (Head of Classroom Music), PLC Sydney was proud to bring a contingent of 37 girls—the largest representation among the combined choirs. Their dedication and exemplary conduct throughout the event were a testament to their commitment to the cause, filling us with immense pride.

While the endeavour showcased a departure from PLC Sydney Chamber Choir's typical repertoire, the power of music effectively conveyed the urgent message of environmental responsibility. Moreover, the collaborative nature of the project provided a valuable opportunity for our singers to collaborate with peers from other schools, alongside seasoned professionals—a truly enriching experience for all involved.

The power music has is not the power to change the world. The power that music has is to make you believe that the world can be changed.

Billy Bragg

F or all earthkind ’, harnessed the power of music to bring people together to display our ambition for a sustainable future. This annual music led public engagement project aligns with the UN Climate Summit and is building towards COP31, that is likely to be hosted in our region. This event was filmed and sent to the Australian Government to play to delegates at the COP28 event for Youth Day.