Dr Phillippa Carnemolla (Class of 1990) building inclusion

Dr Phillippa Carnemolla is an industrial designer, and an expert on policy and practice focused on developing more inclusivity cities. She has recently been promoted to Associate Professor ar the University of Technology Sydney in the Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building.

She works with diverse community groups doing transdisciplinary work across many other faculties (Business, Health and Law) relating to Aged Care, Disability Care and Health and Planning Law.

Phillippa sees the power of inclusive design. Her work is focused on evaluating and improving the design of housing, environments and information in order to improve quality of life for all.

There is a strong social justice element to my work, but it's also extremely creative, very diverse, and really uses the broad set of skills that I've been able to develop over the years.

Associate Professor, Phillippa Carnemolla

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