Boarding helps develop independent and capable young women

When Wayne and Natasha Cox were considering a boarding school for their daughter Phoebe, they chose PLC Sydney, as they felt it was the best fit for both her sporting and academic career.

Wayne said: ‘We had read about the quality coaches here and we liked the idea of a small boarding house that felt like home, we thought that was a really good fit for Phoebe, coming from a country town (Scone) and hitting the big smoke for the first time. All the girls are supported academically with their studies too, which was also very important to us’.

Now in Year 11 at the College, Phoebe is a part of the elite sports program at PLC Sydney and a member of the 2021 Under 18 Sydney Metro Academy Girls Team, a development pathway for the Hockey NSW Athlete Acceleration Program.

‘Phoebe has a lot of commitments outside of school with her hockey and both the school and Boarding House have been exceptional in supporting her’, Wayne says. ‘Training Sunday mornings can be quite early if she's got to travel to the other side of Sydney. The school goes out of their way to help out, ensuring that she's up early and on time for training as well as arranging transport. There's never any drama amongst the girls either. They all have fun. Every time you see them they're smiling and happy, which is really important to us.’ Wayne says.

When asked if boarding has changed her, Phoebe comments that she is a lot more independent these days. ‘I’ve learnt to manage my own work, I organise my training by myself, I don't need a staff member to help me or guide me to do that anymore which is really useful.’

‘There are lots of things to do after school too, so if I’m not training, I might go to the gym, sometimes I go to Croydon or Burwood shops or just hang out with my friends, talk, listen to music or maybe watch a movie. On the weekend, if I’m not playing hockey, we might go into the city (which is only a short train ride from the campus)’. After the lockdown of the past year, Phoebe says it's been good just walking around and exploring the city again. ‘It’s one of the privileges of being a Senior, you are given more responsibility, which I really like’, she says.

Phoebe also likes being ‘a big sister to the younger girls’. There are lots of girls from different backgrounds, but we all look out for each other. There is a very strong bond in the House and Miss Turner is like a Mum to everyone. It's just like being at home.’

Ms Pauline Turner, Director of Boarding at PLC Sydney, encourages families to visit and really get a feel for the Boarding House and its place in the school community. ‘You will see how the Boarding House functions, meet staff and students and see how the environment would suit your daughter,’ she says.

With Phoebe excelling at both her sport and at school, Wayne and Natasha couldn’t be happier. ‘I believe that's because she's enjoying school and the people around her. They College has great facilities for them to use and wonderful coaches and teachers, so it is a fantastic opportunity for her. Watching Phoebe grow from a child into an independent and capable young woman has been one of the best thing for us. When everything comes together like that, it's a really good experience for everyone, parents and kids alike.’

To find out more about Boarding at PLC Sydney call (02 9704 5666) or email our Enrolments Office to speak with our friendly team about joining the PLC Sydney community.