Anastasia Prokhorov, a 'no limits' approach to learning.

The winner of the Top in World Award for Cambridge IGCSE Physical Science, Anastasia’s passions are numerous, and are not confined to the sciences.

Year 11 student, fifteen-year-old Anastasia Prokhorov’s breadth of academic and extracurricular interests is remarkable even among the intellectually curious and high-achieving Cambridge International cohort.

Anastasia Prokhorov, PLC Sydney Year.11 students takes out Top of the World award for Cambridge IGCSE Physical Science

Already fluent in Russian and English, Anastasia is currently studying German and French, and says she’s “really curious about the rest of the world . . . I like learning languages and immersing myself in different cultures. I want to explore the world.”  Anastasia also loves Speech and Public Speaking and regularly takes part in speech competitions. This year she was a district finalist in the Lions Youth of the Year Program, which encourages students aged 15 to 18 to take an active, constructive leadership role in their community.

Lyons Youth Of The Year Awards 2023_Anastasia Prokhorov Year.11 (L) and Olivia Thompson Year 12  (R)

As for science, Anastasia formed a passion for science as a child; she describes her early forays into “mixing stuff, trying to get reactions and going outside and looking around the world.” She is currently studying Biology and Chemistry and has a particular interest in radiation and how “something so seemingly invisible has such major ramifications on humanity.” Anastasia can often be found with a UV flashlight, seeking the bioluminescence and fluorescence in her environment. Though she is reluctant to enumerate her academic achievements, she won various science-related awards even before starting Cambridge International.

Why Cambridge? Anastasia says she was initially interested in the Cambridge International curriculum for the challenge it posed and the breadth of knowledge it would give her; although the course itself was specific in its requirements, the freedom to explore her interests was plentiful. Having completed IGCSE, Anastasia says it has created a good foundation, built her confidence, and prepared her for the future.

2022 PLC Sydney Public Speaking Challenge, Senior Runner Up, Anastasia Prokhorov.

When it comes to exams, Anastasia swears by the method of working through past papers to learn the style of questioning and develop confidence about how to master it. She manages stress with the help of her dog, Theodore, and by going out with family and friends. Anastasia looks to her parents for advice and draws motivation from her fellow students and their achievements.

As for her own big achievement, the Top in World Award for Cambridge IGCSE Physical Science, Anastasia says, “It was something I was definitely not expecting, but I am really grateful to be recognised because I’ve put in so much work over the past two years. Even if I hadn’t won, I would still feel gratitude, and I feel fulfilled having pushed through and done it. But to win an award like that, it adds another layer to the joy. I feel proud that my work has paid off.”

Article written by: Jemma Crook

Congratulations Anastasia, we can't wait to see what you do next!