A love of literacy at PLC Sydney

“Your story can change someone’s world.”

At PLC Sydney’s second annual Festival of Literature, journalist, researcher and fiction writer, Dr Sarah Ayoub delivered a powerful speech, calling on the students to use the most powerful tool in their belt, to change the world – words.

Literacy is a cornerstone of education, and at PLC Sydney, it is celebrated and nurtured in all facets of education. As a leading independent girls' school in Sydney, the College has a long-standing tradition of promoting literacy, reading, writing, and creativity among its students.

A Passion for Reading

At the College, a love for reading is instilled in students from a young age. The College's Preschool offers a rich and stimulating literacy program that exposes children to a wide range of age-appropriate books, stories, and activities.

Dr Suzana Sukovic, Director of Research and Library Services at PLC Sydney, says as students progress to the Junior and, later, Senior School, they continue to be immersed in a vibrant reading culture.

“The College's well-stocked library is a hub of activity, with a diverse collection of books catering to different interests and reading levels and our librarians work closely with students, offering guidance and support in selecting books and developing reading skills,” Dr Sukovic says.

“We were delighted to hold our second Festival of Literature last year, which provided a unique platform for students to engage with renowned writers, showcase their own literary works, and celebrate the joy of reading, writing, and storytelling.”

Dr Dave Drayton, who leads PLC Sydney’s writing group, facilitated a discussion with the guest speakers and audience at the Festival of Literature.

Dr Dave Drayton, who leads PLC Sydney’s writing group, facilitated a discussion with guest speakers Wai Chim (left) and Dr Sarah Ayoub at the Festival of Literature.

Building Writing Skills

At PLC Sydney, writing is not just seen as a task to be completed, but as a skill to be developed and refined. The school employs a multifaceted approach to help students build strong writing skills. Writing workshops, peer editing sessions, and one-on-one discussions with teachers assist students in not just honing their writing abilities, but planting the seeds to a lifelong love of writing.

PLC Sydney also recognises the importance of digital and information  literacy in today's world. The College teaches students how to use digital tools effectively for research, writing, and editing, and the Senior Library organises very popular digital storytelling workshops.

In addition to the Festival of Literature, students have the opportunity to participate in other events such as the Sydney Writers’ Festival, an immersive experience with renowned authors, journalists and poets, which ignites the creative spark in students, inspiring them to explore their writing talents and develop their unique voices.

Inspiring Creativity

In the PLC Sydney English curriculum, there is a strong focus on critical thinking, analysis, and creative writing. Students are encouraged to express their thoughts and ideas through different writing styles, including poetry, prose, and persuasive essays.

But creativity naturally permeates all facets of life at the College, and is nurtured through dedicated creative spaces, such as art studios, music practice rooms, and performance spaces that are open to students to hone their craft. PLC Sydney also offers co-curricular activities such as debating, public speaking, and drama, which provide students with additional avenues to enhance their writing and communication skills.

Students are also encouraged to use their creative skills on interdisciplinary projects, like writing a play, or illustrating someone else’s story. These projects foster innovation and collaboration, further igniting students’ creativity and expanding their understanding of different art forms.

Nurturing a Love for the Spoken Word

At PLC Sydney, fostering a love for literacy goes beyond the classroom, as evidenced by the success of the Festival of Literacy. Students are treated with discussions from authors and noted literati, and have many opportunities to share their love for reading and writing through book clubs, writing groups and poetry slams.

Beyond the written word, PLC Sydney recognises the importance of oral literacy and communication skills. The College offers public speaking and debating programs, where students learn to articulate their thoughts and express their opinions in a confident and persuasive manner, empowering them to become active and engaged world citizens. Our School Captain, Olivia Stavrakis placed 4th in the World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championships in Durban, South Africa, earlier this year.

Dr Sukovic says PLC Sydney’s strong emphasis on literacy, reading, writing, and creativity, means students develop a love for literacy that compels them to excel at it.

“PLC Sydney is a place where students can thrive and become lifelong learners who appreciate the power of words and the joy of creativity.”

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