Policies and Guidelines

It is important that all girls wear their uniform correctly even when they have sport during the day. The following information outlines our uniform policies and guidelines.

Uniform Policy

Each student is a representative of the College and as such is expected to wear full uniform (as specified in the uniform list) when moving to and from the College, and at any time during the day when she has been permitted to leave the grounds. Standards laid down on the uniform list must be maintained.


During winter the blazer MUST be worn at all times when outside the College. The blazer is optional to and from College when students are in summer uniform.


The green jumper MUST NOT be worn as the outer garment outside the College gates. The Year 12 jersey may only be worn WITHIN the College grounds during Terms 3 and 4. No other College jersey may be worn within school hours.


Hair must be maintained in a healthy manner that is well-kept, tidy and appropriate to the wearing of school uniform. Per-Kindergarten to Year 6 students need to maintain their hair in a manner appropriate to younger students – styles must not be extreme and natural hair colour must not be varied in any way.

For Public Health reasons, all students who choose to have hair longer than collar length must keep their hair tied up neatly and the correct hair ties and ribbons worn. If you require more information, please see the uniform list. 

The College recognises that older students may wish to adjust their hairstyles as they mature into young adults. At all times Years 7 to 12 students must have natural-looking hair. Any shadings must be subtle, and not intrusive to the appearance of the uniform. Extremes in hairstyle or in colour variation are not permitted. Therefore the College will require an immediate return to a less extreme style in any student assessed by the College as presenting in such an inappropriate manner. If you are uncertain about appropriateness of colour or style please refer to the Deputy Principal.  


Shoes must be regularly cleaned and maintained in a good state of repair. The following guidelines should be observed when purchasing shoes:

  • Plain, black, leather lace-up shoes designed for school wear
  • No decoration with coloured stitching, brass eyelets or any patterned etching and not to be patent leather
  • Soles should be black, and as a guide should not be greater than 10mm in thickness so that the shoe remains neat rather than chunky in appearance.

Makeup and nail polish is not to be worn.


Jewellery is limited to a watch and earrings are to be plain silver or gold studs, or sleepers. Senior school students may wear small pearl studs. No studs may be larger than 6mm in diameter. Such earrings are to form a matching set with only one to be worn low in the lobe of each ear. Religious symbols are not to be on display as jewellery, they may be attached to the inside of uniform items.


All students are expected to display College and House badges correctly on their uniforms at all times.


Only the regulation crested School Bags, Sports Bags, or the special black Trolley Bags, purchased through the Uniform Store, are to be brought to the College.


Students should change out of uniform unless they are prepared to wear FULL UNIFORM while out shopping with parents, etc.


Girls having sport practices or rowing before school, must be in full uniform in class at the beginning of Period 1. ‘Having sport practice’ or ‘rowing’ is not a legitimate excuse for lateness.


Students having a PE lesson in any of these periods must change back into their full school uniform at the end of the lesson, even if they have a later practice.

Staff will expect every girl in the College to be in full school uniform and to present in that way in classrooms and in the grounds.

PERIODS 5 and 6

A girl having PE or Sport in Periods 5 or 6 and having a practice after school that day may enter the grounds or a classroom in a full PLC tracksuit rather than having to change back into her school uniform.
Please be aware staff may ask to check your Student Handbook List of Co-Curricular Activities.


If girls are travelling to a venue for practice they may choose to change at school before leaving, but they must exit the school to go to the practice dressed in full sport tracksuit.
Girls finishing sport practices or rowing after school must change back into their full school uniform before going home.


In the Junior School, floppy green sunhats are to be worn at all times in the playground. These hats are only for playground use and are not to be worn in public. Reception to Year 2 students wear the green sunhat for PE lessons. The red cap/sun visor is required for Saturday morning sport.

A panama hat is a compulsory item of uniform for Reception to Year 6 students. Panamas belonging to students in Years 3 to 6 are left at the College during term time. Students in Reception to Year 6 must wear the panama on excursions and on other occasions when requested by staff. They are not required for every function.

Students in Years 7 to 12 are encouraged to wear any PLC Sydney sun hat whilst in the College grounds at recess and lunchtime.

All PDHPE students, while participating in any outdoor practical classes, are required to wear a hat, cap or visor for sun protection. Visors are available for purchase from the Uniform Shop. All Hamilton students playing Saturday sport are required to wear a PLC Sydney hat, cap or visor.

Additional GuidElines

  • The student’s name in full is to be marked on all clothing, with woven name tags or permanent ink. No responsibility is taken by the College for lost articles which do not bear the owner’s name.
  • No valuables are to be brought to the College. Larger amounts of money may be left at the Bursar’s Office for safe-keeping.