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Technical Services Support & Repair

What to do if you think your computer has a fault:
During class, if you have a simple problem with understanding the application - your teacher is the first line of support. A peer might also be able to help.

For major software issues:

Functionality or configuration issues should be managed first via a Google search, then through Technical Services.

For software faults and installation issues, please log the issue with technical Services at the “The Laptop Lair”.

For hardware and software issues:

If it is a BYOD computer, you will need to activate your support system. If you would like a second or more experienced opinion on how to address the problem, visit Technical Services at “The Laptop Lair”. Repairs, maintenance and troubleshooting remain your responsibility.

For College provided hardware, please log the issue with Technical Services. A swap out machine will be made available if your machine needs to be kept for repair. 

In all cases, please ensure you have a current backup of all your important files. 

  • School files
  • Photos
  • Music or videos etc

No responsibility will be taken for backing up your files, nor for trying beyond reason to recover your files from a dead hard drive.

What to do if you think your computer has “gone missing” or has been stolen.

For College provided computers - you must advise Technical Services. Missing laptops are almost always found.

If your laptop was stolen, you will need to provide details, including a police report. You will be able to get help with this from Technical Services. Please note that the insurance that comes with the PLC laptops covers Accidental Damage only, not theft.

For BYOD computers you will need to action your own support plan and claim from the insurance system you have in place. A swap out machine may be available for a short term loan on request.

Troubleshooting tips and tricks
Restart regularly to ensure upgrades and updates have an opportunity to install.