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Acceptable Use Policy

These guidelines are intended to help students make the best educational use of the technology available at PLC Sydney. Students should understand the following.

  • The College provides access to technology to assist them to do Internet based research and to support their academic studies
  • The equipment and services such as Internet access are shared; therefore the reputation and opportunities of the whole College community are dependent on the responsible and considerate use of technology by each student.


Students should: 

  • observe the operating, care and general maintenance instructions relevant to the particular equipment
  • observe the recommended posture and exercise routines associated with regular computer use
  • report any operating problems to a staff member 
  • observe the conventions of respect and courtesy for others.

Students should not:

  • have mobile phones turned on during any lessons, functions or examinations unless required by the teacher for class activities. Each student is responsible for maintaining security of her own valuables and this includes mobile phones. 


Students need to be be aware that:

  • all activity on the Internet is monitored and logged
  • all material viewed is scanned for viruses
  • all the content viewed is scanned for offensive material
  • your PLC Sydney email address is to be used for educational purposes only
  • personal emails should be sent using a personal email address. 

Any breach of the guidelines below may result in exclusion from use of College facilities. Activity deemed to be illegal will be reported to the appropriate authority. 

Students should: 

  • use the Internet only for educational purposes within the College
  • be familiar with the College protocols on Appropriate Academic Conduct and the Board of Studies course All My Own Work in order to observe the legal protections of copyright
  • take great care to ensure their safety and the safety of others by not releasing any personal information (such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, photographs) and not agreeing to meet anyone contacted on the Internet, except where such activities occur within a secure area set up by the College
  • be respectful of others at all times by using appropriate language in communicating with teachers, fellow students and others.

Students should not: 

  • attempt to find or transmit any obscene, pornographic, racist, violent, illegal or other unacceptable or offensive material or comments. They should report the accidental access of any such material to a staff member
  • send anonymous emails or attempt to take on the identity of anyone else when using emails or the Internet
  • disclose their security details (password) or use the details of any fellow students
  • attempt to breach the security systems of the College
  • submit any material copied from the Internet as their own work (plagiarism), without using appropriate referencing protocols.


Please go through this Computer Agreement carefully with your daughter. It is important that both you and your daughter discuss and understand this agreement.  After you have read the agreement, you can submit your laptop selection in the ordering form. By doing this you are agreeing with these points. 

In accepting my laptop, I am aware of my liabilities and agree to comply with the following:

Key Points for Parents

Carefully note this summary of the main things you will be agreeing to. 

  • If you leave the school, the computer is to be paid out and taken with you.
  • The computers are insured for accidental damage but if the insurance company perceives the damage is from misuse it will not be covered. This insurance does not cover loss or theft.  There is a $100 excess on all accidental damage insurance claims.
  • It is expected that the laptop will be maintained in an as new condition.  No food, liquid paper painting, defacement or stickers.
  • The laptop is to be carried around in a protective sleeve at all times.
  • Management and sensible use of technology in your home is determined by you. It is highly recommended that computers are used in a common area and reasonable time limits adhered to.


  • I acknowledge that I must charge my laptop at home and bring it to school ready to be used at all times.
  • I acknowledge that keeping my files in the College provided Google Drive is the best insurance against losing work. If the computer is damaged or unusable, the College will re-issue the laptop in original condition without any of my work files. I will then access my school work files from Google Drive. 
  • I will not disable the antivirus software installed on the machine, alter system files or change hardware settings. I will keep the anti-virus and anti-spyware software up to date and report all problems with program operation or the laptop to Technical Services.
  • I will make sensible use of the College e-mail and communications systems. I will read and follow the guidelines as set out in all College documentation such as this document. 


I understand that I am required to take ALL reasonable precautions against loss, theft and damage.

 I agree to safeguard the laptop by:

  • taking reasonable precautions against theft while my laptop is on campus and while travelling to and from school.
  • I will keep the laptop away from food and drink at all times, and store it in a secure and clean location.
  • I will not leave the laptop where it might be accidentally damaged, such as on the floor. I will make sure the laptop is securely in its protective case when travelling between locations.
  • I acknowledge that even if a 3rd party damages my laptop I am still responsible.


I understand that unauthorised copies of software or pirated media are a breach of copyright. I also understand that the use of unauthorised software may damage the PLC Sydney network with a computer virus. Therefore:

  • I will not load games or other software onto the computer, unless under teacher direction.
  • I will abide by the license provisions of software supplied by the College.
  • I will obtain approval from the Director of Technical Services before loading additional software.
  • I will keep the antivirus software up to date.
  • I will notify Technical Services immediately if a virus or malware warning appears on my laptop.
  • I will seek help if I am uncertain.


I am aware that PLC Sydney is a health-promoting school. While using computing equipment I agree to: 

  • seek and follow ergonomic advice regarding the use of computing devices.
  • take breaks and vary work to avoid discomfort when using computing devices for extended periods.
  • avoid tired eyes, by focusing on something distant every few minutes. 
  • listen to my parents who will determine how long I use the computer at home.


I am aware that all students are responsible for maintaining security of the school network and their own files and  therefore I agree to:

  • accept responsibility for my passwords and keep them secret. I am aware that there are circumstances under which the College can be legally required to identify the author of any message sent by students using College systems.
  • use a combination of letters, numbers and punctuation (no spaces) in constructing passwords.
  • try to use different passwords on the Internet for different purposes. 


I am aware that the use of social media is potentially helpful to my learning and also a potential distraction, therefore I agree that:

  • I will use this technology to promote positive relationships
  • I am aware that all students at PLC Sydney are expected to respect others in all circumstances. I know that some social media sites exist that allow individuals to post comments that could really hurt other students. Hurt can be caused by name-calling, gossip and swearing at others. The school regularly reviews such sites. These might be available through non-school providers at home and in the community. I will not post comments that are in breach of the 'Respect for Others' document.
  • I recognise that there are Internet sites that are damaging to the formation of healthy relationships. These include pornographic sites and sites that promote self-harm. I will not visit these sites or encourage others to visit them, either at school or home.
  • The only pictures that I will post on this computer are those that I know my parent/guardian and my Principal would approve.
  • If I am in doubt about any aspect of my use of this computer, I will contact my Year Director to check what I should do before proceeding.


I acknowledge that this laptop is provided to me for College use and to enhance my study and learning. I can use this laptop in any way for private study, provided it does not interfere with my College work. I will not allow anyone else to use this laptop. I will also ensure that the laptop is available to me at school on school days, and I will take the laptop home during school holidays and overnight. 

I agree to try and improve my digital skills such as:

  • researching on the Internet - beyond just simple Google searches.
  • becoming fast and accurate on the laptop keyboard.
  • validating sources – learning how to be selective and critical of information, with ability to reference and cite sources.
  • using collaborative cloud computing applications.
  • blogs, Wikis, Podcasts; their educational and social value.
  • social bookmarking. 
  • digital security; digital etiquette.
  • the care and maintenance of technology.
  • connecting with other devices such as digital cameras, etc.

I will do my best to learn how to use technology to make me a smarter learner, to organise all the school work I have to do, produce work in multimedia formats and to study in a manner that suits me best.