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2022 Student Technology Information

At PLC Sydney, technology is integrated into learning and empowers students to be both technology users and technology creators. The PLC Sydney device strategy has been designed to give students an experience in the three main archetypes of technology:

  • Tablet computing
  • Cloud computing
  • Desktop based computing

This strategy has the benefit of increasing complexity as the girls progress through their studies.  We have selected devices that can be mastered at each stage of their development.

Years PK-2

School Supplied iPad

  • Students will have access to iPad’s in class.
  • iPads are an excellent device for young children and offer a superb tactile experience for exploring, selecting and using a variety of apps to demonstrate and reflect on learning. 
  • iPads will be used in class, as directed by the teacher, and will not be taken home. 
Years 3-4

School Supplied Chromebook 2-in-1

  • In Year 3, we transition our girls from a ‘tablet only’ experience into using Chromebooks. Chromebooks enable Year 3 and 4 students to access a variety of cloud-based desktop apps that enhance learning experiences and outcomes.
  • The school will manage these devices by adding Chrome/Android apps and extensions, and applying basic device settings.
  • Chromebooks will only be used in class, as directed by the teacher, and will not be taken home.
YearS 5 - 6

School Supplied Chromebook 2-in-1

  • In Years 5 and 6, our girls will be provided with a school managed Chromebook device. This device travels with them from home to school and is used both in the classroom and at home for their learning.
  • The school will manage these devices by adding Chrome/Android apps and extensions, and applying basic device settings.
  • A small annual fee of $85 will be charged to your school account to cover maintenance and insurance costs.
  • The Chromebook MUST be protected. Laptop sleeves will be provided as an added layer of protection. Please ensure that your daughter uses the sleeve to protect the device against minor knocks and bumps.
Years  7 - 12

BYOD Mac or Window Laptop

  • From Year 7, students have the option to bring in a Mac or Windows laptop. You can continue to use any existing device, including previously purchased Chromebooks, as long as it meets your learning requirements.
  • Students will be required to self manage their device including keeping their virus protection up to date and installing the software they need for their learning.
  • When well looked after, this device can last through to Year 12, although usually warranty and insurance covers only 3 years.  Students are welcome to refresh their device earlier if they wish. 
  • In many specialist subjects, students will be given access to software which is ‘industry current’ at the time.

Overall we would like to note that the technology students use while they are at school is likely to be significantly different when they progress to working life. It is therefore critical that we teach students how to transition between different platforms during their learning here at PLC Sydney so that they do not become accustomed to only one platform. Instead, our goal is to give our girls the opportunity to experience a variety of options and help them become agile problem solvers and equip them for an unknown, fast-developing future. 

We take this opportunity to note that the ‘Technology Fee’ covers some of the cost of keeping an extensive infrastructure in place in the College. This fee covers:

  • A campus-wide wired and wireless network
  • High-speed access to AARNET (Academic research network) and the internet
  • Security and internet content filtering
  • Research capacity in the Macindoe Research Centre
  • Software licensing and support for student devices
  • In classroom AV equipment
  • A dedicated team to service students, staff and the above infrastructure

Some schools incorporate this into the general school fees. PLC Sydney believes this is a cost that should be borne by scholarship students as well as full-fee paying students, thus it is billed separately, akin to the Excursion Fee.

  • YEARS 3 AND 4: will be provided with school managed Chromebooks which are kept and used in the classroom
  • YEARS 5 AND 6:  will be provided with school managed Chromebooks, which will be made available to students in class, and at home.  A small annual fee of $85 will be charged to your school account to cover maintenance and insurance costs. This places some shared responsibility between PLC Sydney and the parents to ensure the devices are well looked after as the device travels between home and school.
    Years 7 to 12 are permitted to bring a Mac or PC.
    You can purchase from our BYOD portal or elsewhere.
    If your daughter owns a Chromebook from previous years she may use it until the end of Year 7, or longer if it still meets her learning requirements.
  • Minimum Standards for 7-12 devices are:
    • 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM, i5 or greater, 802.11 AC/5GHz WiFi
    • An English operating system
    • USB-C charging is highly desirable
    • We recommend a vendor with excellent support such as Apple, HP, Dell or Lenovo
    • We recommend that a 3 year warranty is purchased with the device
    • Accidental damage insurance is HIGHLY recommended
    • If you expect the machine to last for a long time, upgrade memory, storage and processor as much as possible
  • All parents and students are required to acknowledge that they have read and agree to our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) before bringing a device to school
  • Please click here to read our Acceptable Use Policy
  • We recommend purchasing a bag or cover to protect your device.

enrol-icon Please click to read more about BYOD at PLC Sydney.

Kind regards

David Savill
Chief Technology Officer

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