Parent Rowing - Rowing in May

  • Registrations Close: Friday 15 April
  • Briefing : Will occur at the first training session
  • Training: Monday 2 May to Sunday 29 May
  • Cocktail Party: Friday 27 May
  • Regatta: Sunday 29 May, at a local venue.

"I have rowed in the last three Rowing in May programs and it has been amazing, challenging and the most fun I have had with other teachers. Watching a spectacular sunrise over the bay, completing a full body workout and laughing with your crew all before 7.00 am makes for an exhilarating start to the teaching day and I found myself to be brighter and energised.
 Jo Lukabyo
PLC Sydney Junior School Teacher

For Parents and Friends

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to row? To be with a crew and experience the coordination, fun, comradeship and thrill of a rowing boat gliding across the water?

This is your chance to be involved in your daughter’s sport and experience the early morning tranquility on the water and the excitement of the regattas. You can join as:

  • an individual or
  • be a part of a corporate crew that comes together for team building and to have some fun

The ‘Rowing in May’ program consists of eight training sessions in May culminating in The Great Autumn Regatta. 


‘Rowing in May’ is not only good fun, it is also a great fundraiser for PLC Sydney and assists with purchasing much needed equipment, such as new boats, oars, parts, tents, etc. These fundraising efforts allow PLC Sydney to offer a comprehensive rowing program providing the girls with the opportunity to compete at the highest level.

The Great Autumn Regatta is a fantastic day where parent crews race other PLC Sydney teams as well as other schools and organisations. Last year 28 crews participated including 6 from PLC Sydney. Crews race 3 x 500m races over the course of the day, with the last race being a seeded final (A, B, C and D grade). Fun crew names (such as Chicks with Sticks and Dirty Oars) and dressing up in team costumes are the order of the day. And just like your daughter experiences each week, you too will have the opportunity to see your family cheering you on from the shore!

key dates 

  • 8 training sessions spread over 4 weeks — (two sessions per week) - starting week commencing 2 May
  • Cocktail Party – Friday evening, 27 May
  • Race in the Great Autumn Regatta on Sunday 29 May, against other school and corporate crews at a local venue

crew details

    • Crews can be any combination of individuals or groups, all male, all female or mixed
    • Individuals can make up their own crew of 8, or will be allocated to a crew on availability
    • All Corporate Sponsored crews wishing to enter the Great Autumn Regatta must complete the Corporate section of the booking form. If you don’t yet have your confirmed crew members, please complete the form in with as much information as possible (* denotes which sections are absolutely necessary) as regatta planning depends on knowing the number of crews entering the regatta
    •  Final individual crew details will be required before- date TBC


    • The cost per person is $430 per person (inc admin fee $100 and ASF donation fee $330) and $3,440 for a full crew entry (a minimum of 75% will be tax deductible for individuals)
    • This includes the food and drinks costs for the Cocktail Party prior to the big race
    • Payment is via Mastercard or Visa. Unfortunately American Express Credit Card payments cannot be accepted
    • Corporate crews will be invoiced, the total amount of $3,440. Payment options will be provided at the time of invoicing.  


    • Complete the form below including your payment option and disclaimer

    If you already have a group of eight for a crew that’s great, but don’t worry if you would like to join on your own. There will be plenty of crews looking for team members. Why not get a work team together and use it as a team building exercise? 


    For general enquiries, please contact
    Will Caldwell
    Head of Rowing
    M: 0400 461 420

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