PLC Sydney's Hot Shots Tennis Program

What is Hot Shots and how does it work? 

Hot ShotsHot Shots is the Tennis Australia modified coaching and competition program that replicates similar programs around the world and is endorsed by the International Tennis Federation. 

Although the reasons to take up tennis are wide and varied, most children want to get to a playing standard as soon as possible. They want to play! Children enjoy playing the game, and tennis, typically, requires a high level of skill and understanding for point-of-entry into competition or tournaments. Most children begin in some modified program and the journey to playing “real” tennis begins here.

Think of tennis like a journey. Point A is the child’s first tennis experience - the first lesson or first hit with mum or dad. Point B is the first game of tennis on a full-size court, using proper tennis rules and scoring. The time it takes to get from Point A to Point B varies from child to child and depends on a range of things including physical size, maturity, fundamental motor skills, opportunities, and general sporting experience. The time it takes to get from Point A to Point B is not necessarily and indicator of long term success in the game. However, what you do on the journey from Point A to Point B will influence long term success. 

The Tennis Australia Hot Shots program allows for each child’s individual development and also provides flexibility for the private coach. Regardless of the structure of any particular Hot Shots program, the philosophy is the same. At each level of Hot Shots (Red Ball, Orange Ball and Green Ball), it is important to develop technical, tactical and physical competencies before progressing to bigger courts, faster balls, and more complex scoring/rules. 

Children should not progress simply based on age or physical strength, or the time they have spent on a particular stage/level. Children need to progress in their own time. E.g. at Orange Ball level the player should not progress to Green Ball simply when they are big and strong enough to hit the ball over the net and in, on the full-size court. They should only progress if they can demonstrate the correct technique on their ground strokes and at the net, in a controlled rally situation, constructing points using some tactical fundaments. They need to be able to transition to the net, and attack and defend, in the appropriate circumstances. They need to be not only able to serve the ball in, but use the correct technique, while demonstrating power and accuracy. 

So in a nut shell, that is what the Hot Shots program is all about. We look forward to developing your child’s tennis skills using this renowned and highly effective tennis program. 

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Steve Randjelovic 
Director of Tennis at PLC Sydney 

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