PLC Sydney Tennis Program

PLC Sydney has a new, year-round, tennis program

At PLC Sydney we provide tennis coaching and development for all students, from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12. Our experienced staff create personalised programmes and flexible training options for all level players, while ensuring that their on court experience is both enjoyable and challenging.

The goal of the PLC Sydney Tennis Program is to provide high quality tennis coaching and competition to all students participating in the Program so that they can develop as players and achieve enjoyment and success regardless of the tennis pathway they chose to take, including that of:

  • a Social player – whose aim is to learn the game of tennis and participate in lessons and competition within the framework of the school
  • an Aspiring player – whose aim is to represent the school at the highest level possible: IPSHA, IGSSA and Tildesley. This type of player will be able to play within the community post-secondary school.
  • a Performance player- whose aim is to represent the school at the highest level: IGSSA and Tildesley and who see the coaching in the Program as preparing them for a career in Tennis post-secondary school

The goals for each student will be developed through planned pathways and will embrace and embed the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model as a framework for an optimal training, competition and recovery schedule for each stage of player development.

The Coaching Team

PLC Sydney's dynamic new tennis program has been set up by Director of Tennis, Mr Steve Randjelovic and senior coach Justin Astri. They will be supported by our highly experienced internal staff, as well as a strong team of qualified and skilled coaches and assistants.  

Steve is a former Professional player who held a World ATP Doubles ranking of 163 and Singles ranking of 205, having competed in 13 Grand Slam events, including 7 Australian Opens, 4 Wimbledon Championships and 2 US Opens.


Steve is currently the Manager of Greenlees Park Tennis Centre in Concord and Director of STARS Tennis Academy and has coached many high ranking Australian junior tennis players. With over 25 years experience as both a Coach and playing Tennis at the highest level of the game, we welcome Steve on board.



PLC Sydney's Tennis programs includes:

  • Tennis Australia Hotshots is a modified skills and games program that caters for the developmental level of players of all ages. It uses low compression balls, smaller racquets, and modified courts and rules, and better prepares players for learning, playing, and enjoying our great game.
    To find out more about what Hot Shots is, please click here.
  • Performance Squads will be designed to service the needs of our leading and aspiring players. The program will incorporate technical, tactical, and physical preparation, and supplement private lessons with your coach.
  • Tournament Support is a service that assists players as they start the journey in external competitions and tournament play. PLC will take part in a number of competitive experiences, both in-season, and in the off-season. Support is offered to players who take part in competitions from Hotshots Leagues, all the way up to Tennis Australia national tournaments.

download-icon To find out more, please download PLC Sydney's Tennis Program Booklet here. 


For more information about our coaches, lessons, times etc please contact: 

Mr Steve Randjelovic
Director of Tennis
T (+612) 9704 5740   F (+612) 9747 4898

sport-icon For more details about any of the course, please contact the Sports Department here.


Director of Tennis, Steve Randjelovic.

Hot Shots