Fitness Centre

The new and improved Fitness Centre has opened in time for the start of Term One. The Centre is located within the JD Oates Aquatic Centre building, with its entrance next to the pool gates. 

All students in Senior School wanting to improve their fitness or learn more about health and fitness are encouraged to come and experience the fitness centre. Different programs are offered during the various opening hours and students should check the weights room notice board for details. 

Our Fitness Centre Manager and Director of Strength & Conditioning, John Yap, will be able to advise you on injury prevention, exercise prescription and programming to help minimize the risk of injury and to improve on field athletic performance with his background in Exercise Science.  

Opening Hours during term

Students are able to use the Fitness Centre during the following supervised hours:

  • Mornings: 6.30 am – 8.00 am Monday - Friday
  • Lunchtimes: 12.30 pm – 1.20 pm Monday - Friday
  • Afternoons: 3.05 pm – 5.00 pm Monday and Wednesday
  • Afternoons: 3.05 pm – 4.15 pm Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Dress code:

Students must wear suitable exercise clothing including footwear when training. School uniform will not be acceptable.

Change Rooms:

Students can use the changing rooms in the pool area.


To maintain health standards, food is NOT to be consumed in the Fitness Centre.

Sweat Towel:

To maintain hygiene, it is advised students bring a small sweat towel when training.

Drink Bottle:

A new water dispenser is available in the Fitness Centre to fill or refill your drink bottles.

Special Needs:

If a student requires a specific exercise program e.g. for injury rehabilitation, please advise John Yap, Director of Strength and Conditioning, before commencing your training.


Mr John Yap
Director of Strength and Conditioning 
Fitness Centre Manager  
T (+612) 97045740