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Swim Meet Information

Swim Meet Information, Programs and Qualifying Times

Information regarding upcoming swim meets can be obtained in several ways: 

SSPLC Competition Calendar 

The club meet calendar provides an overall view of upcoming targeted meets, including information on meet venue, entry opening and closing dates, online entry links, qualifying times, schedule of events etc. This calendar will be periodically emailed to club members from the Race Secretary or via the Club e-newsletter. 

calendar-icon Click here to download the SSPLC Competition Calendar (PDF 324.5KB)

MetSEA website 

MetSEA manage area based carnivals such as development meets, summer and winter championships and Speedo Sprint competitions. An updated list of future meets open to clubs in our area can be accessed using the “Competition” tab on the MetSEA homepage. 


Swimming NSW website 

Swimming NSW provides information on meets open to all clubs in NSW, including development, qualifying and state championship events. Use the “Calendar” tab on the homepage to access meet programs and online meet entry links. 


Personalised Swimmer Portals

AnotherPB and MyLANE also provide a list of upcoming carnivals relevant to the individual swimmer. See further information on online swimmer portals on Swim Meet Entries page, or via the Useful Links page.