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About Us

The aim of PLC Sydney Sydney Swim is to provide a fun and supportive environment in which swimmers of all skill levels and ages can develop their abilities and have the opportunity to compete at Invitational meets as well as District, Metropolitan, State and National Championships. The Club is actively committed to the promotion of excellence in all aspects of competitive swimming, recognising that the provision of a supportive, fun and cohesive environment is fundamental for a swimmer to realise their full potential. 

The PLC Sydney Swim Club is based in the J.D. Oates Aquatic Institute at PLC Sydney. The Club is affiliated with Swimming NSW Ltd and is a member of the Swimming Metro South East Area (MetSEA). The Club is run by a voluntary management committee and is a non-profit organisation, all funds raised being reinvested into the Club for the benefit of its members. The committee together with parent volunteers, hosts swim nights and social events throughout the year to help raise funds. 

Feedback from swimmers and parents is always welcomed and all members are encouraged to actively contribute to our endeavours to maintain and promote a successful, dedicated and collaborative team. 

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