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Bidding, Bookings and Tickets

At this year's annual Open Day and Fair, held on Saturday 4 September from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm, we are excited to once again bring you loads of really fabulous activities for the whole family to enjoy, from our Evandale Kids Carnival, to market, cake and food stalls, silent auctions, carnival rides, academic displays, sporting events and fantastic musical performances throughout the day across both the Junior and Senior Schools. We will also be opening up the classrooms and hosting tours of the College grounds and buildings throughout the day.

You can pre-purchase, book and bid on the following:

  • Carnival Rides - the ever-popular Carnival Rides on DRUMMOND FIELD have something for all ages. Take advantage of our early bird discount and pre-purchase your Ride Band.
  • High Tea Tickets - 
  • Silent Auction - each year, the Fair committee secure a vast array of items for the Silent Auction ranging from the modestly priced to the big ticket items.