Since East Timor was granted independence in 1999, PLC Sydney Year 10 students have raised funds to build, maintain and staff two kindergartens in Dili.

Each year, Year 10 students have the opportunity to travel to Timor-Leste in support of the year group charity. 

The tour aims to:

  • Educate students about the year group charity and allow them to see how fundraising makes a difference.
  • Provide an opportunity to make improvements at the kindergarten.
  • Provide an opportunity to learn about another culture and way of life in a location of importance to Australia. 
  • Provide an opportunity to live gospel values.

During the tour PLC Sydney students spend time at the kindergartens, preparing and giving lessons to the young children and improving the physical fabric of the buildings and gardens.

places-icon Login to PLACES for information on the Timor-Leste Service Learning Tour via the co-curricular microsite. Please note that due to COVID-19 ALL TOURS have been cancelled for 2020.


Above: PLC Sydney students spent time at a Kindergarten in Comoro as part of the Timor -Leste Project