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Building Fund

Donations to the Building Fund must be used to provide financial assistance for the acquisition, construction and maintenance of College buildings. Donations to the Building Fund are tax deductible.

Since 1987, the Foundation has been able to provide very substantial sums to the College from donations for major building projects and property purchases.

The Building Fund has helped fund the:

  • construction of the Macindoe Library
  • purchase and refurbishment of Evandale 
  • redevelopment of the Freda Whitlam School of Science
  • purchase and redevelopment of The Croydon Centre for Art, Design and Technology
  • construction of the JD Oates Aquatic Institute
  • construction of the Performing Arts Centre
  • redevelopment of the Macindoe Research Centre
  • construction of the new Hamilton Junior School and Gateway Building

download-icon Download the Building Fund Donation Form here